Olympics 2021: Team USA sings happy birthday to Kevin Durant

    Tory Barron is a Bristol-based writer and editor for ESPN.com. After retiring from playing lacrosse at UConn, the DC native decided to try her hand at writing about people playing sports.

Two-time gold medalist and two-time NBA champion Kevin Durant, was seemingly everywhere — and being trolled mercilessly — as the Olympic Games kicked off with its opening ceremonies in Tokyo on Friday.

Whether it be chumming it up with his basketball teammates ahead of the parade of nations or posing for pictures with fellow Team USA legends Katie Ledecky and Simone Manuel, Durant looked to be in good spirits and enjoying the moment as he prepares his quest for an Olympic three-peat.

Then, something strange happened.

The entire Team USA delegation saw the 2016 men’s basketball team’s plane ride rendition of “A Thousand Miles” by Vanessa Carlton (shoutout Olympic Carmelo Anthony) and raised them a “Happy Birthday” serenade of KD.

The only problem was … it’s not even his birthday. *Rihanna voice*

The Brooklyn Nets superstar, who turns 33 on Sept. 29, looked justifiably perplexed by what was unfolding.

If you’ve ever been subjected to someone telling a waiter it’s your birthday at a restaurant when it’s not, you know his stoic reaction was warranted. It was a 2009 incident at Red Robin that did me in. Some things you just can’t unhear.

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