Super Bowl Bingo 2023: Print-and-play party game

The 2023 Super Bowl is here! This year’s big game is between the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday at 6:30 p.m. ET on Fox.

Play along during the game with our printable Bingo cards, with 60 of our favorite props selected from among 2,000 of them offered by Caesars Sportsbook. From Patrick Mahomes’ passing yards to individual player touchdowns to interceptions and 2-point conversions, if it happens on the field, it could lead to Bingo!

How to Play Super Bowl Bingo

  • Print out the set of 10 cards

  • Randomly distribute the cards to up to 10 participants.

  • As the props hit during the game, find those on your card and cross them off. (It’s even more fun with Bingo dabbers, available at most Dollar Stores)

  • Get five squares in a row (up, down or diagonal), or get all four corners, and you have Bingo!

Only a few of you? Play multiple cards at a time. More guests than cards? Team up for some group cheering. Play for prizes or play for fun, it’s totally up to you. Most of all, it’s the Super Bowl! Have fun!

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