Ten new radical changes to FIFA 21 including major upgrades on dribbling, shooting, pace and through balls

FANS are eagerly awaiting Fifa 21 after the latest trailer revealed a boatload of gameplay improvements.

The EA Sports game is released across consoles and PC on October 9.

And a raft of new details have emerged to make for a promising new installment of the seriously popular franchise.

Here, SunSport delves into the ten most important changes being made for the new game.

Overpowered No More

Every year, the new Fifa promises to be more intelligent than the previous year and 21 is no different.

This time around, the player's tactical rating will affect their ability to deploy their stats for pace, dribbling and shooting – meaning lesser stars cannot scrub off of one ability.

Career Mode

One of the most painfully ignored aspects of the franchise, career mode is set to be tweaked with fresh player growth, training and transfer systems.

But if that sounds like too much, a new Interactive Match Sim mode allows players to simulate the more boring parts of matches and jump into the driver's seat for key attacking and defending opportunities.

Gameplay Rewind

On kick-off mode, the abject sight of a major missed chance or fluffed free-kick routine will be a thing of the past.

That is because Fifa are dropping in a new Rewind system, similar to that found in certain driving sims, to allow Bruno Fernandes that second chance at slotting home a penalty.

Through Balls

Along with a new 'Long' through ball option, Fifa 21 is trying to give players far greater variety when sending through a defence-splitting pass.

The game is said to far better understand what is required to meet the attacker with a through ball, enabling better players to even curl and bounce passes through.

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Silky Movement

One of the key desires of a Fifa gamer is having players act realistically to make the most of their traits.

Next year's Positioning Personality feature hopes to send top stars around the pitch in their most lifelike manner, bombing Jamie Vardy onto long lobs and dropping Raheem Sterling on the back stick for a perfectly timed finish.

Creative Runs

Speaking of which, more control is being granted over off-the-ball movement.

Directed pass-and-go and directed runs allow the controller to seamlessly guide an attacker onto a pass – with the option to lock on and completely control just the one forward too.


It isn't just about sweet passes and long-range rockets when it comes to besting your rival – thanks to Agile Dribbling.

Skill moves may have been complained about in the past as overpowered yet Fifa 21 is aiming to add a fresh dose of unpredictability for defenders with more control over skills and dribbles.

Natural Collisions

Some of the series' most comical mishaps have come when players tragically bang into each other before wobbling around in a jarring manner.

Fifa 21 promises to smooth out the whole process of hitting the deck with a fresh set of animations.

Time Wasting

Hate watching your online opponent sit on a goal kick for an agonising amount of time?

EA are set to knock this one on the head with a limit between 12 and 20 seconds for set-pieces, down from 30, with a bunch of setup animations dropped from online games.

Competitor Mode

Ever thought you were good enough to pack in your job, or school, and go pro on Fifa?

Perhaps try out new Competitor Mode first, a new offline difficulty level even greater than Legendary – based around the intricacies and masterful handling of real-life professional gamers.

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