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THE best sounds in football have been revealed – including the roar when the players take to the pitch, the first whistle and funny chants.

A poll of 2,000 football fans who have travelled to games found 90 per cent believe a good atmosphere makes a football match more memorable.

The tense silence before a penalty kick, the national anthem performed at international games and the ping of the ball hitting the crossbar also featured in the top 20 best sounds.

The familiar theme tune of the Champions League and drums and music being played around the stadium are also favourites.

Other sounds football fans love include the ripple of applause from fans after a clever bit of skill.

Or the noise of a turnstile clicking round, and even the shouting of street vendors outside the stadium.


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Travel firm Expedia Live commissioned the "Soundscape of being there" study.

It has partnered with football legend and ex-Inter Milan and Manchester City midfielder, Patrick Vieira, to share the sounds that shaped his football career.

He said: “From my own experience travelling over the years across Europe, the sounds I heard on game day made my experiences truly unforgettable, no matter where I played.

“I loved the roar of the plane taking off for European nights as it signalled the start of the journey, and the buzz of the stadium crowd before kick-off really got the adrenalin pumping.

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“Football has so many iconic sounds that create a unique atmosphere, which cannot be replicated anywhere else.

“When visiting a rival stadium and hearing our fans chanting with such passion was magical, that feeling stays with me.”

The research also found some fans take the sounds of football to the extreme with 22 per cent preferring the noise of a goal celebration over hearing someone tell them that they love them (19 per cent).

And 68 per cent think the sounds inside a stadium can impact the outcome of a game.

Liverpool were voted as having the loudest and most passionate fans (28 per cent), followed by Barcelona (15 per cent) and Manchester City (14 per cent).

While this year’s Champions League finalist, Inter Milan, didn’t even make the top 10 (four per cent).

The "Soundscape of being there" report also revealed 52 per cent would love to visit Istanbul specifically to watch this year’s final.

And the fact the game is being hosted there has put the city on the travel radar for 77 per cent in the future.

The most iconic sound associated with Istanbul is the call to prayer of the Muezzin (38 per cent) followed by the buzz of the bazaars (34 per cent).

Of those who have been lucky enough to go away to watch a Champion’s League round, 33 per cent are most looking forward to experiencing a new city.

While exactly three in ten enjoy the overall atmosphere and experience and 27 per cent love to use it as a getaway with friends.

But 62 per cent also believe the sounds of travel add to their overall getaway experience, according to the OnePoll figures.

Just over a third (35 per cent) associate people talking in different languages with travel abroad while 31 per cent always link the roar of a plane taking off.

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And 30 said the hustle and bustle of a busy bar or cafe is what makes them really feel they are travelling.


  1. Cheering of the crowds
  2. The chants
  3. Team anthems being sung
  4. The roar when the players take to the pitch
  5. UEFA Champions League anthem before the game
  6. Player songs being sung
  7. Fans clapping
  8. Ping of the ball hitting the crossbar
  9. The noise of the ball hitting the back of the net
  10. The tense silence before a penalty kick
  11. The sound of the whistle at kick-off / final whistle
  12. The national anthems
  13. Drums and music being played outside the stadium
  14. Referee whistles for fouls
  15. Players shouting to each other
  16. Sound of the turnstile turning
  17. Honking cars before/after the game
  18. Noise of street vendors outside the stadium
  19. Coaches shouting at players
  20. Feet stomping

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