Tyson Fury vs Dillian Whyte weigh-in LIVE: Gypsy King and Body Snatcher set for final face-off – latest updates

TYSON FURY and Dillian Whyte will meet face to face for the final time today at the weigh-in.

After a respectable press conference between the two heavyweight boxers, it was John Fury – Tyson Fury's dad who was in the middle of all the commotion.

And today the two rivals will meet one last time before their huge Wembley showdown tomorrow night.

  • Start time: 2pm BST
  • TV/Live stream: BT Sport 1 and BT Sport Boxing YouTube channel

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  • Matt Penn

    How to watch Fury vs Whyte

    BT Sport Box Office will broadcast the fight in the UK, with ESPN+ showing the event in the US.

    BT wrote in a tweet to confirm the news: "The time for talking is over! After years of back and forth, the heavyweight showdown is on!"

    The event will cost £24.95 on BT Sport, which was the price of Fury's last two clashes with Deontay Wilder on the channel.

    Exclusive radio coverage is available on talkSPORT with coverage starting at 7.30pm.

  • Matt Penn

    Frampton predicts Fury vs Whyte

    "If you want to build an opponent who is going to make Tyson Fury look good, you build something very close to Dillian Whyte," he told SunSport.

    "Whyte has a chance because he is big, game, brave heavyweight, with a big left hook and he will be in there swinging until it’s over.

    "But I just feel Dillian is made for Fury, Dillian has a decent jab but a lot of his stuff is wild hooks and I think we might see a different Fury to the second and third Wilder fights.

    "I think we will see the Fury of the first Wilder and Klitschko fights, who used to dance around people and make them look foolish at times, clever boxing."

    Credit: Pacemaker
  • Matt Penn

    Tale of the tape

    Here's how things stack up between the two fighters…

    • Fury vs Whyte – UK start time, TV channel and live stream info for massive heavyweight clash
    • Matt Penn

      What time is the weigh-in?

      Expect fighters on the scales today from around 2pm BST.

      Fury and Whyte are expected to jump on 45 minutes after that.

      Fury's trainer SugarHill Steward says the Gypsy King will be lighter than his last two fights.

      And who knows what we're going to get with Whyte.

      But expect him to be in tremendous shape.

    • Matt Penn

      Frampton on Fury at Wembley

      "It will gee him on and maybe change how he fights. He will want to impress and put on a show," the Northern Irishman said.

      "I think he could win but moving around and jabbing in a boring fight but I don’t think he will want that. 

      "He has become the peoples’ champion and because of all that he will want to put on a show.

      "He will have to keep his emotions in check, I had it with the Scott Quigg fight.

      "People wanted and expected a war but I was winning all the rounds by doing very little and my trainer Shane McGuigan – to his credit – told me to just keep doing it.

      "But I think Fury will really go for this and look for the stoppage."

    • Matt Penn

      Tyson Fury vs Dillian Whyte weigh-in

      Welcome to SunSport's live coverage of today's weigh-in for this weekend's absolutely monumental heavyweight title fight at Wembley.

      It's Fury, it's Whyte – two Brits going at it in front of 94,000 fans, what more could the British boxing fan want?

      Today will mark their final face-off at the weigh-in at BoxPark Wembley, and we've got you covered throughout the afternoon.

    • Nyle Smith

      That's all for now folks

      Thank you for tuning in to the press conference and we look forward to welcoming you again for the main event THIS SATURDAY.

      Where this time, we WILL be talking about punches getting thrown with only the referee having the power to stop it.

      Enjoy the rest of your day everyone.

    • Nyle Smith

      Whyte's accusation on John Fury

      The collision between Tyson Fury's dad John and Dillian Whyte happened because the Body Snatcher accused John of trying to "rob 90,000 fans of a fight".

      He didn't respond to that well at all by trying to square up to Dillian Whyte after what was a respectful press conference.

      Talking to BT Sport post-presser, Whyte said: "Tyson Fury's dad needs to relax.

      "My man's like 600 years old and he's stepping forward, trying to not let my guys get on the stage.

      "I told him, 'John calm down, you're an adult screaming like a child, relax'.

      'It's our day, Why are you getting yourself involved, this is mine and your son's day'.

      "He's always trying to get in front of his son, I just said 'old man take it easy'."

    • Nyle Smith

      The fast and the Furyous

      So there were no fireworks between Tyson Fury and Dillian Whyte as the whole nation expected.

      But instead, it was the Gypsy King's father was the one who tried to start a commotion with Whyte's camp.

      However, Fury managed quickly intervene by resolving the situation before it got out of hand.

      I've just prevented a big ruckus on stage. It's not for our entourages to get involved!

      People want a big ruckus at press conferences. They want to see all the screaming and shouting and punching.

      But listen, let the two boxers do a fight and enjoy it.

      I had to be professional and say lets step back, let me and him do what we got to do and that's it

      Tyson FuryBT Sport 1

    • Wally Downes Jr

      Press conference ends

      John Fury tried to confront Dillian Whyte and almost caused a ruch.

      Tyson and Dillian brilliant pushed everyone back and calmed the situation down.

      The two fighters and former friends posed for photos and ended it calmly.

    • Wally Downes Jr

      Very tame

      The press conference ends on a wave of compliments.

      John Fury tries to ruin it by starting a row,

      Tyson and Whyte calm it down brilliantly.

    • Wally Downes Jr

      Frank War-ren

      Warren says: "It will be a war and for fans it won't get better.

      "Do not miss it because you will see a classic.

      Fury finishes with:"Everything will go to plan. God bless."

      Whyte adds: "Thanks to everyone, my team and friends and family, respect."

    • Wally Downes Jr

      Whyte knuckle ride

      "I have had 6-7 PPV fights and I am ready to do the same again.

      "I wil show up, do my job and disappear off into the night as always.

      "Everything else will fall into place afterwards.

      "It's cost me a fortune in legal battles to get this fight so I need to get this money back!"

    • Wally Downes Jr

      Sugar Hill says

      Tyson Fury's American trainer says: " Tyson will be more himself, he is more powerful and a better thinker.

      "We have worked on thinking and seeing things a little bit differently.

      "The stadium makes no difference to me, I won't even see it until afterwards, I just focus on the fight and I normally just ask the people who watched it afterwards.

      "It's not about style with Dillian, it is about his power, his jab, feet and defence are better but it's the power."

    • Wally Downes Jr

      Dillian says

      "I am going in teh fight with an open mind, ready to make decisions quickly.

      "Fury is unpredictable, I need to be able to adapt to whatever he does.

      "I will not chase him, I will make those decisions when they need to be made."

    • Wally Downes Jr

      War-ren speaks

      Promoter Frank Warren says: "You are going to get explosive fireworks, you will not be able to take your eyes off this.

      "Styles make fights and these guys have fantastic styles to fight."

    • Wally Downes Jr

      Betting man

      Fury says: "I see these long Whyte betting odds and laugh, he is a tough man.

      "I think we are in for a real treat on Saturday night and it is coming quickly."

      Whyte:"I have done 12 long rounds before and I can do it again. We have worked hard and I am willing to do whatever it takes.

      "I am not scared to take risks, this is nothing new to me."

    • Wally Downes Jr

      Spar stories

      Fury: "When we sparred around 2011, Dillian did his job to help me, we were friends who ate and drank and slept together.

      Whyte laughs: " we never slept together!"

      Fury: I treat every man who comes into my training I treat with respect, like they are family.

      "I don't think you can go on those sparring strories, we are very different men.

    • Wally Downes Jr

      Tyson says

      "Dillain is a good fighter, he is tough and game and has knocked out a lot of men.

      I have given him all the respect and trained for a great fight, the same as I did for Wilder and Klitschko.

      "There will be excuses from me, I am injury free, he is fighting the best Tyson Fury and that's it."

    • Wally Downes Jr

      Dill's spills the beans

      The challenger adds:"I am not one to bulls***. Itake everything as it comes.

      "I don't say I will be this or that, every day is a blessing.

      "I rememeber where I cam from and what I have been through.

      "But when that bell rings I will do my best to become champion."

    • Wally Downes Jr

      Whyte Fyte

      "I need to be adaptable and that is what I have been working on.

      "I lost to Alexander Povetkin and people said I would lose the rematch, I told them to shut the f*** up and beat him.

      "I always come to fight, that's what I do."

    • Wally Downes Jr

      Whyte addresses silence

      "There was no strategy, you just heard from one side.

      "I am not scared or hiding from s***.

      "Things were happening behind the scenes, I hear people talking s***.

      "I was training in Portugal and not worried about talking s***."

    • Wally Downes Jr

      Whyte noise

      Dillian says:"This fight means everything to me, Wembley is not that far from where I am from.

      "I was not expected to live this long, I have taken risk after risk and I am ready to go.

      "You will hear no bulls*** from me".

    • Wally Downes Jr

      Fury says

      "It's an exciting time for me, look at this turn-out.

      "Massive thanks to everyone who has spent their hard-earned money on a ticket."

    • Wally Downes Jr

      Fury attacks AJ

      "It's been an amazing journey from 28st fat-as-f*** to being top of the world again," Fury says.

      "Back in England after four years away against Dillian for the belt and all the glory, it's perfect.

      "Mt Golden B*******s who got stopped by a middleweight – where is he now?"

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