Tyson Fury’s butcher makes 200-mile round trip to deliver 24 STONE of pork, beef and lamb specially sourced so he doesn’t fail another drugs test – The Sun

TYSON FURY'S butcher is going the extra mile – 200, in fact – to ensure the Gypsy King gets 24 STONE of untainted pork, beef and lamb every month.

Unbeaten ex-world champ Fury is desperate to avoid any chance of contamination after blaming his two-year boxing ban on eating huge quantities of wild boar.

The 31-year-old Brit has put in 150-stone orders of Yorkshire-bred meat from old-fashioned Bennett’s Butchers in Leeds Market.

And Fury's team are not sheepish in checking out exactly where the meat has come from – all the way back to the slaughterhouse.

But butcher Phil Bennett might need to up his own dose of the strength-building, protein-rich food – given the 200-mile round trip he makes from Leeds to Morecambe to give 18st 3lbs Fury peace of mind that he is eating steroid-free meat.


Bennett said: “He’ll only get his meat from us. An athlete at his level has to trust the meat. He can’t just get it from anywhere because it could have steroids in it.”

“We know exactly where the meat comes from and how it’s been reared.

"Everything he needs to know about that meat, we know about it."

Fury battled to way to a surprisingly tough points win over Swedish outsider Otto Wallin on Saturday leaving "worried"  dad John calling on his son to sack trainer Ben Davison.

But at least the Furys have no qualms or queries about the supply of their red meat.

Bennett told the Yorkshire Evening Post: "Tyson’s nutritionist asked us a lot of questions.

“They wanted full traceability back to the slaughterhouse, what it was packed it, how long it had been packed for, has the animal been treated with any drugs, any inoculations.

“Because if any trace of that transfers over to the boxer, it’s world news."

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