UFC legend Joe Rogan shows off dramatic body transformation via meat-only diet after being fat shamed – The Sun

JOE ROGAN completed an incredible body transformation after going on a carnivore diet.

The legendary UFC commentator decided to make the change after he was "fat-shamed" for weighing in at 14st 5lbs in December.

Rogan lost 12lbs in total by following the strict regime which cuts out vegetables, fruit, grains, nuts and seeds.

Instead, the 52-year-old tucked into meat, fish and other animal foods like eggs and dairy products.

And he silenced his critics as he revealed his new ripped physique on Instagram.

He said: "I did the carnivore diet for all of January.  I lost 12 pounds, gained a ton of energy.

"My energy levels were completely flat the whole month. No ups and downs from crashing after eating.

"I had a belly and a lot of people made fun of me, fat-shamed me. I lost all my fat.

"Lost all the belly, lost my love handles.

"I don't know if I'm going to keep eating like this but it was tremendously beneficial.

"I went into this thinking this carnivore diet was wacky.

"But this is as good as I've felt for a long time and this is just one month."

Rogan did admit that he suffered from some negative side effects in the early stages of his diet.

The caption of the post read: "Edit: The explosive uber diarrhoea stopped around two weeks in.

"It's been totally normal last two weeks."

Chad Mendes, who lost to Conor McGregor in 2015, commented: "Tan and jacked son!!"

And UFC bantamweight contender Aljamain Sterling added: "Looking solid Joe! I need to look into this diet."

Speaking on podcast, Rogan revealed exactly what happened when he came off the diet for a couple of days.

What is a Carnivore Diet?

  • A restrictive diet that only includes meat, fish, and other animal foods like eggs and certain dairy products.
  • It excludes all other foods, including fruits, vegetables, legumes, grains, nuts, and seeds.
  • Its proponents also recommend eliminating or limiting dairy intake to foods that are low in lactose — a sugar found in milk and dairy products — such as butter and hard cheeses.
  • Stems from the controversial belief that human ancestral populations ate mostly meat and fish and that high-carb diets are to blame for today’s high rates of chronic disease.
  • Carnivore Diet aims for zero carbs.

Source: HealthLine

Suggesting he may go back on it, he said: "Here's something crazy, I got off that diet for the weekend because I did the month.

"When Saturday came around, I ate Italian food, I had pasta. Then yesterday I went to Disneyland so I went way off the diet.

"I had ice cream and ate all kinds of s***** food and I was getting back pains and knee pains which went away when I was on diet."



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