We hate living near major Premier League ground… parking is a nightmare, our cars get damaged by fans & cops won't help | The Sun

RESIDENTS living near a major Premier League ground say that parking is a nightmare and that fans keep damaging their cars – but cops won't help.

Chaotic parking, road closures and a mass of noisy sports fans near the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium have left residents furious. 

One local, who wished not to be named, has been affected first hand by rowdy crowds when her car wing mirror got knocked off by football fans. 

The resident lives along Bromley Road, which is often used to herd football fans as security tries to separate the home and away supporters. 

She said: “This road is sometimes where they herd fans through so it is always very busy with people.

“They can be trouble. Our car wing mirror got whacked and broken and when we went to the police they just said ‘you have car insurance’.”

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For events, the roads around the area are closed, making it difficult for residents to get out or in.

The local added: “My husband had to go to work one day and he couldn’t get out. 

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“He had to argue with the stewards because he had to go to work and they wouldn’t budge. 

“In the end he was allowed to go but it shouldn’t have to take him arguing to go to work.”

Parking also is challenging during game days, when some residents are forced to park far from their houses because visitors take over the spaces. 

The disgruntled local said: “You can get permits to park but it is normally not near the house and it is hard to find spaces.”

As the chanting football fans or concert goers meander past, it’s impossible to not hear them. 

She said: “It’s extremely noisy when the fans are herded down the road but they are not always too bad. It depends on the game really. 

“The times we worry is when we have a football team that is kind of local like Arsenal. Then the crowds can be bad.

"We complain but nothing really happens."

Another resident said: "The road is closed all the way to Seven Sisters so I see that it can be inconvenient. 

"And the tubes and trains are completely over crowded making travelling anywhere from here difficult."

"There are sometimes some crazy people and when they congregate together they can be more boisterous."

Local Codon Traian, 40,dreads big game days. 

He said: “There is a lot of noise and it can be dangerous because there are fights.

“People smash those Corona bottles so it is bad sometimes.”

While the construction worker does not feel worried going out on game days, he does fear for his son.

He added: “I don’t feel scared but I do have a son and I would be scared for him.”

One resident, who didn’t want to be named, shared this opinion and simply said: "It’s absolutely terrible."

Not all residents mind living next door to Spurs.

Sarah Ring, 30, said: "I think it’s great having it there. 

"There are so many events available for residents – they even do career days. 

"It’s great going down there when events are on as they have lots of markets so it’s really fun to take the kids.

"It’s very safe during big events. There are so many stewards. It feels very safe.”

The mum said: "It’s a really good system. They put letters through our doors about upcoming events so we are prepared. 

"Road signs are put up too telling us which roads will close and they are very quick when the event has finished to move the barriers and put everything back to normal.

"When the new stadium was built they ensured that there was a level of sound proofing." 

Sarah added: "It’s not as loud with the new stadium, you can’t hear it really and when you can it doesn’t bother me.

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"The club has really boosted the area and I’m sure pushed up the value of houses as more is going on here now."

Tottenham Hotspur and the Metropolitan Police have been contacted for comment.

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