Weekly baseball trivia: Can you guess the right player?

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Each Thursday during the 2023 MLB season, we will have a trio of baseball trivia questions for you to mull over. It’s a break from the norm in our fantasy baseball coverage, and we hope you will take part and enjoy every week.

Well, the letter X has certainly been in the news quite a bit over the past week, what with the rebranding of a certain billionaire’s social media app.

And so, with that single letter sitting at the forefront of my mind (and with apologies to Salt, Pepa, as well as the oft-forgotten Spinderella) … “Let’s talk about X, baby. Let’s talk about you and me. Let’s talk about all the good things and the bad things that may be. Let’s talk about X.”

As always, in the spirit of fun, three questions are before you. Three answers are required. We’re on the honor system here, so please no searching the internet for the answers. You just might be surprised at how much you actually know!

Question 1

There are no stats to ponder over for this first query. All you have to do to earn yourself credit is tell me the name of the only pitcher whose first name starts with the letter X to have pitched for an MLB team in 2023.

Question 2

Moving from players who have a first name that starts with an X to those who have a first name that finishes with one, can you remember the name of the reliever for the Kansas City Royals who successfully saved the most games for the team in 2006?

Question 3

Finally, moving on to players whose last name ends with an X, can you recall the name of the promising youngster in the Milwaukee Brewers system who was tabbed to replace Cecil Cooper in the team’s lineup as the veteran’s career wound down?

Take your time and think about your answers, and when you’re ready to see if you’re right, click here.

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