WWE legend and wrestling pioneer completely unrecognizable from fighting days where he won hardcore title with long hair | The Sun

WWE legend Al Snow was famous for carrying a head but now he barely turns them – as he's ditched his outrageous looks.

The wrestling pioneer walked into the ring with a decapitated mannequin head in the sport's glory days of the 1990s.

But the ex-Hardcore winner is no dummy – as he's now the focus for Netflix series Wrestlers.

The former road agent, 60, has owned Ohio Valley Wrestling since 2018.

And it's his trailblazing work for OHW that's put him back in the limelight via the new reality show.

It also reveals that Al's appearance has changed just as dramatically as his contribution to the sport.

He's gone from barmy to bookish – swapping the wild locks and spare head for a neat swept-back haircut and specs.

Al is seen battling to revive OHW – aiming to make it once again a prestigious, Pro Wrestling production line.

Netflix say Wrestlers tells the story of "a handful of eccentric misfits who attempt to come together to help Al save this historic gym while achieving their own wild dreams of wrestling professionally".

And viewers of the trailer seem delighted Al's role over the years is being recognised. Having been in the ring during WWE's most successful era, he's now going into bat for future stars.

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One fan commented: "Much respect to all who’ve paved the way for wrestling all around the world, you literally had a huge impact on my life."

Another posted: "I'm glad OVW is getting the chance to show the people what they are all about and why they are one of the best in the business today."

A third wrote: "About damn time OVW contribution to wrestling is highlighted. They lay the foundation for many of today's big names."

And this opinion appeared to speak for many too: "Sooo good to see Al Snow grinding and making a dent in this business. Always loved seeing him in WWE."

After all, the Snow must go on!

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