WWE legend Chris Jericho names worst wrestling match he has ever seen in blast at icons Triple H and The Undertaker

WWE legend Chris Jericho has named DX's clash against The Brothers of Destruction at Crown Jewel as the worst wrestling match ever.

The outspoken AEW star took a jab at his former colleagues in Vince McMahon's company for not prioritising putting over younger talent.

The Brothers of Destruction and DX back in 2018 was considered as WWE pulling out all the stops for its annual Saudi Arabia show.

Both the Undertaker and Triple H were making a non-WrestleMania appearance while Kane briefly put aside his political career to don the mask once again.

Yet the biggest coup was convincing Shawn Michaels to come out of retirement for the tag-team match.

However, the clash failed to live up to expectations with the four veterans involved in a sluggish bout filled with many botches.

That was such a stupid idea in the booking. It never should have happened

Jericho has now explained that one of the benefits of moving to AEW was being in new rivalries while calling the match the worst he's ever seen.

talkSPORT revealed that Le Champion told Busted Open Radio: "I didn’t want to work with Kane. I didn’t want to work with Hunter. I didn’t want to work with Shawn.

"I want to work with guys that were younger than me because it put you in a different position.

"The same thing in AEW. There will never be a Chris Jericho vs Matt Hardy match. Never! Never, never, never, because we’ve seen that.

"You put it on, suddenly, it’s just two guys that worked 20 years ago in WWE. That doesn’t make any sense. There might be a Chris Jericho-Sammy Guevara vs Matt Hardy and Darby Allin match.

"That’s exciting to me, but I never wanted to just… OK, well, the worst match I ever saw – and here’s your clickbait – was Saudi Arabia. Triple H and Shawn Michaels versus Kane and Undertaker.

"That was such a stupid idea in the booking. It never should have happened.

"It should have been Shawn and Hunter versus Roman and Seth and Taker and Kane versus… I don’t know – give me two names of guys – Cesaro and Kevin Owens, whatever you want."

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