Prison officers will get £4,100 extra

Prison officers will get £4,100 extra for doing nine hours a week more during Covid-19 crisis while nurses get nothing Covid-19 ‘Special Payment Schemes’ were introduced by HMPPS on March 23 Offered prison staff £4,126 bonus for nine hour overtime per week over 12 weeks  No such bonus schemes are known to have been implemented for nursing staff Here’s how to […]

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Beverly Hills Cop 4 Is Coming To Netflix

Netflix appears to be doubling down on a resurgent Eddie Murphy. The actor and comedian recently announced he will be returning to stand-up comedy and has since had his new movie Dolemite Is My Name released by the streaming giants. According to Variety, they will also be launching Beverly Hills Cop 4, having acquired the rights to create the fourth […]

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Channel 4 show will see women find sperm donors to 'co-parent' child

Family campaigners blast ‘grossly irresponsible’ Channel 4 show which will see women find a sperm donor to ‘co-parent’ their child Series, provisionally called Parents To Be, will involve women choosing a father There are two public figures among the women being considered for the series  But the programme, which is set to air next year, has sparked anger from critics  […]

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