Review: The Suicide Squad

The individual in question is writer-director James Gunn, the man behind Marvel's surprise 2014 hit Guardians Of The Galaxy. After he was fired from the second sequel over old off-brand tweets, Gunn was a risky signing for DC's beleagured franchise. But you can see it pay off in a gloriously off-kilter first act. As an menagerie of minor DC villains […]

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Why do cats knead with their paws?

Julia Albright, associate professor of veterinary medicine, University of Tennessee: Do you ever see your cat shifting his front paws back and forth just before settling down for a nap? Have you heard some cat lovers talk about their feline friends ‘making biscuits’ or ‘kneading dough’? Scientists who study cat behavior call this distinctive paw action ‘kneading’ and believe it […]

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‘Drop-dead gorgeous’ cow named Kim ‘Kowdashian’ after being rescued by PETA

We never knew there were stars of the cow world, but apparently there are. That is according to PETA India, who have named a rescued cow Kim 'Kowdashian' after reality star Kim Kardashian. For Mother’s Day in India (May 9), PETA’s Indian affiliate named a "drop-dead gorgeous" rescued mother cow there after Kim Kardashian. They did this to thank mother-of-four […]

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