Beauty fan reveals how to get foundation-caked make-up sponges looking good as new

MAKE-UP sponges make blending foundation so much easier – but cleaning them can be a laborious task. Fortunately, one savvy woman has come up with an seamless way to remove old caked-on product and get them looking like new again. In a post on TikTok, the beauty fan, called Leanne, demonstrated the simple process at her kitchen sink after collecting […]

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Shoppers Say This $28 Oil "Literally Melts" Their Pimples Overnight

If there's one thing I've learned from Rachel Nussbaum, InStyle's ingredient sleuth of a beauty writer, it's that the best skincare formulas are often full of substances I can pronounce. I try to use the label "clean beauty" sparingly (it's subjective, especially when the safety of some ingredients is still debated), but when I'm vaguely familiar with everything a product […]

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