US eases travel rules for vaccinated visitors, unvaccinated Americans require tests

The travel industry is getting back to normal despite the fact that COVID is still raging. Although vaccines are widely available in the West, many underdeveloped countries are still struggling to vaccinate their population while too many Americans are refusing to get vaccinated. Hopefully new fundraisers will help bring vaccinations to areas in most need. Recently, the cruise industry in […]

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Nicole Kidman got an exemption on Hong Kongs mandatory 3-week quarantine

Nicole Kidman worked during the pandemic, and she continues to work through… whatever we’re still experiencing. Like, the Phase 3 of the pandemic, where millions of people are vaccinated but highly contagious variants are exploding through the population. Most countries still have travel restrictions in place, and most countries also have mandatory quarantines set up for the few travelers coming […]

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