'Counting On': A Duggar Insider Insists Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar Are Totally Different People When the Cameras Are off

Jim Bob andMichelle Duggar’s media brand appears to be in peril. Over the last sixmonths, the family has attempted to weather reports of a federal investigation,arogue son-in-law who is speaking out on social media and rumors that theDuggar patriarch has disowned not one, but two of his daughters. While they’vebeen hard at work churning out videos that paint them in […]

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'Counting On': Did Austin Forsyth Change Fan Perceptions with This One Statement?

The producers of CountingOn really seem to be reaching for content these days. While the showtrudges along, season after season, producers are forced to come up with moreand more convoluted storylines. This conundrum was showcased recently on the serieswhen several couples were shipped off to a “marriage boot camp” hosted byKendra Caldwell’s father. While the retreat was clearly an attempt […]

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'Counting On': Fans Are Worried That Jill Duggar Isn't Enjoying Motherhood

Fans had long assumed that Jill Duggar would be the Duggardaughter to follow the closest in Michelle’s footsteps. Long-time viewers ofthe family’s reality shows, 19Kids and Counting and Counting On, picked Jill out as the goldenchild. Now, five years into marriage, the 28-year-old influencer has two youngchildren but doesn’t appear to be getting pregnant again anytime soon. Somefans believe that […]

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