My dad was killed in Manchester's brutal gang war with grenades, severed head and kids shot

THEY called themselves The A-Team but far from the lovable rogues of the cheesy TV show, they were brutal gang members who used machetes, grenades and semi-automatic guns to wipe out rivals. The Salford gangsters were at the heart of a vicious feud, sparked in 2012 over a fake watch, which led to multiple shootings, the near-decapitation of a gang […]

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Who is my local councillor?

THE COUNTRY is divided into hundreds of local authorities with councillors elected to represent their community. Many local elections due to take place in 2020 were cancelled when the coronavirus pandemic hit, with voters instead heading to the polls on May 6. 🔵 Read our Elections 2021 live blog for the very latest updates Who is my local councillor? With […]

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My lightbulb moment: Founder of luxury label Oyuna

My lightbulb moment: Founder of luxury label Oyuna, reveals the inspiration behind her sustainable cashmere brand Oyuna Tserendorj, 50, who lives in London, co‑founded Oyuna in 2002 Inspiration came from trying to find a cashmere throw for David’s mother  Sustainable cashmere brand is now sold in Selfridges, Liberty and brand website Oyuna Tserendorj, 50, co‑founded Oyuna, a luxury, sustainable cashmere brand, with […]

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