What’s New on Netflix This Week?

Sure, there’s plenty of good TV on at the moment. And a fair few decent movies showing at the cinema. But for pure ease, convenience and quality, it’s tricky to look past streaming services like Netflix for your entertainment, isn’t it? Whether it’s a quick hour-long blast of comedy before bed on a school night, the new Scarlett Johansson film […]

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Robert De Niro talks Scorsese’s ‘The Irishman,’ calls Trump ‘a joke’ after ‘Joker’ screening

Robert De Niro is unamused by reports that President Donald Trump screened his new movie “Joker” at the White House and enjoyed it. “This administration is a joke,” says the actor, one of Trump’s most vocal critics, who plays a pivotal role in the divisive Batman villain origin story starring Joaquin Phoenix. “We’ve hopefully got to get past it and out of […]

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Okay, Did This Bonkers Scene In 'The Crown' Season 3 Really Happen? (Kinda…)

Even with our reigning Best Actress Oscar Winner Olivia Colman in the leading role, Helena Bonham Carter all but runs away with the third season of The Crown as Elizabeth’s extroverted and passed over sister, Princess Margaret. The second episode of the season, “Margaretology,”puts her in the spotlight as Princess Margaret goes on a tour of the U.S. and ends […]

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