Who is Riyadh Khalaf? Celebrity MasterChef winner and YouTuber – The Sun

YOUTUBER Riyadh Khalaf has been crowned as Celebrity MasterChef champion 2020, making his name as a talented cook as well as an online celebrity. As well as impressing the MasterChef judges, the star has over 335,000 subscribers, with over 50 million views. Who is Riyadh Khalaf? Riyadh is a 29-year-old Irish YouTuber, author, podcaster, presenter, and LGBTQ+ advocate. He grew […]

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Poacher who stabbed gorilla to death is jailed for 11 years

‘Justice for Rafiki’: Poacher who stabbed one of the world’s most famous silverback gorillas to death is jailed for 11 years in Uganda Rafiki, a 25-year-old male gorilla, was found dead after going missing on June 1  Poacher Felix Byamukama admitted to slaughtering Rafiki in a national park  Uganda’s wildlife authority celebrated ‘justice for Rafiki’ after the killer was jailed […]

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Financier who stole £15m must return £1.3m or face more years in jail

Tory MP hopeful’s financier husband who stole £15 million from investors to feed gambling habit and pay school fees must hand back £1.5 million or face another eight years in jail Freddy David used his reputation to sell non-existent opportunities to his clients The 51-year-old, from Hertfordshire, was jailed for six years for fraud in July 2018 He is husband […]

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