12 soap spoilers – Corrie Stephen's shock end, Emmerdale crash as Mack chooses

Super Soap week is almost upon us and, with chaos, devastation and death on the menu, this year’s offerings of the two ITV serial’s are set to have game-changing ramifications for all those involved.

Strap yourselves in as Stephen Reid’s reign of terror reaches a violent end, with Coronation Street lining up a truly unmissable week as the residents of the eponymous street race against time to stop the killer claiming any further lives.

But with Stephen determined to get out of dodge before its too late, just how far will he go to escape justice? And will he shed any more blood before the curtain comes down?

Emmerdale, meanwhile, is equally as traumatic, with Chloe Harris plotting deadly revenge after finding out about Mackenzie Boyd’s reunion with Charity Dingle.

The scorned lover shows a cruel side as she attempts to cause trouble, with her actions having devastating consequences for everyone involved in the love triangle, as her car teeters off a cliff, forcing Mack to choose between the two women he loves.

Elsewhere in the land of soap, EastEnders continues its streak of proving to be must-see TV, with Sharon Watts and Keanu Taylor going to war over Albi, while Hollyoaks serves up more twists in its Rayne Royce murder plot.

For a more detailed look at the unmissable events to come, Metro.co.uk has you covered, so let the reading commence.


Despite her misgivings, Sharon allows Keanu to look after Albi while she goes out with Dorian, who insists that she move to Abu Dhabi for a new job. Keanu, meanwhile, takes Albi out without running it by Sharon, who threatens to call the police if he doesn’t return at once. Keanu arrives back in time, with a big row ensuing.

Sharon insists that she and Keanu need a third-party arbitrator to discuss Albie’s childcare arrangements. With Karen by his side, Keanu meets with Sharon and her solicitor, with the former Queen Vic landlady dropping a major bombshell, leaving Karen with a plan up her sleeve.

The police locate Nugget’s mobile by the canal and inform Ravi they will dredge the water to look for clues, leaving the concerned dad devastated. Suki secretly phones Nugget and asks him to let Ravi know he’s alive, with Nugget subsequently doing just that. His loved ones later hold a vigil, hoping for him to return home safe.

Jay wakes up at Nadine’s, horrified to see a bag of ketamine on the table. Nadine says that it helps her cope, telling Jay that it could do the same for him. Callum, meanwhile, confronts Jay, who explains that he stays over at Nadine’s to sleep, but later he scores some ketamine from Nadine, with Callum subsequently working out the truth.

The police find Nugget’s mobile by the canal and inform Ravi they will dredge the water to look for clues, leaving the concerned dad devastated. Suki secretly phones Nugget and asks him to let Ravi know he’s alive, with Nugget subsequently doing just that. His loved ones later hold a vigil, hoping for him to return home safe.

Coronation Street

Stephen plots his escape from the cobbles, unaware that the residents of the eponymous street have started to put two and two together, realising they’re got a murderer in their midst.

Tim gets wind of Stephen’s interest in the canal dredging project and swoops into action, as he heads to the canal towpath, where he finds a corpse’s hand floating to the surface. Fleeing to his cab, he reports the dead body, but Stephen kills the call and proceeds to strangle him with a tie before knocking him unconscious and bundling his body into the boot of a car, which he douses with petrol.

Audrey is horrified when Sarah reveals that Stephen defrauded her and drugged Carla. Stephen, meanwhile, is attacked by Peter, but Audrey arrives, leaving the killer received – that is, until Audrey accuses him of stealing her house!


Mack is blissfully unaware of vengeful Chloe’s rage as they set off on their adventure. Charity, meanwhile, is left upset when she breaks down on the side of the road, with Chloe growing mischievous upon spotting her, encouraging her love rival to get in the car for a lift. Chloe, however, deliberately misses the turn and, with cruel intentions in mind, plots to abandon Mack and Charity in the moors.

Charity grows concerned and, fed up of manipulative Chloe’s efforts to push her buttons, demands that she pull over. Mackenzie fears fireworks between the two but, in shocking scenes, a car smashes into theirs! Mack comes to, horrified by the sight before him, with the vehicle suspended on the edge of a cliff.

Charity regains consciousness, as does Chloe, and the pair panic, forced to put their faith in Mack. Chloe knocks the wheel by accident and the car starts to slip away. Mack is forced to choose between the pair in regards to who he will save first, but just who will he pick?

Chas is oblivious to the danger that she’s in with newcomer Harry, who she believes is called Simon. Caleb and Cain, however, get wind of the fact that their sister has gone out with him and therefore race to the rescue. The penny drops for Chas, as Harry becomes angry, but will she be okay?

Suni struggles to process the truth about Jai’s admission that they’re brothers.Laurel recommends that Jai give Suni time to come to terms with the revelation, but they’re in for a shock.


James desperately tries to prove Romeo’s innocence in the matter of Rayne’s murder, but it proves difficult when more videos of Rayne surface online, painting him as the perfect suspect. The lawyer makes it his mission to get Brent to confess and he succeeds, but only after Brent has been attacked in prison. Just how far has James gone?

Dave lies to everyone he loves as his behaviour spirals out of control, with Ethan coming to realise that his brother has turned to drugs once more. Later in the week, tensions simmer between Dave and Cindy, but will Cindy find out what’s really going on with Dave?

Yazz’s health deteriorates, with Misbah growing concerned and rushing her daughter to hospital.


Rocky struggles to resist temptation in EastEnders (Picture: BBC / Jack Barnes / Kieron McCarron)

  • Rocky places a number of bets in EastEnders
  • Sally fears the worst in Coronation Street
  • Lydia opens up to her family about her trauma in Emmerdale
  • Lacey leaves the village after a new job comes up in Hollyoaks
  • Harvey grows concerned in EastEnders
  • Stephen tricks Michael in Coronation Street
  • Ahead of the chaos, Amy issues Chloe with some advice in Emmerdale
  • Peri and Nadira strike up an unexpected friendship in Hollyoaks

EastEnders airs Mondays to Thursdays at 7:30pm on BBCOne. Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV. Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7:30pm on ITV. Hollyoaks airs weeknights at 7pm on E4, with first look episodes on All4.

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