A Place in the Sun guest breaks down in tears and can 'barely breathe' after emotional twist in show's final minutes | The Sun

ONE guest on A Place in the Sun was left in tears and gasping for breath after an emotional twist during the final minutes of Tuesday’s show. 

During last night’s show, Channel 4 property expert Laura Hamilton was tasked with finding Zoe and Neil their dream house in the south of France, but it proved to be an emotional search. 

Zoe broke down in tears after viewing the second property Laura found for her and Neil, but it was the emotional twist at the end of the episode which left Zoe gasping for breath. 

On Tuesday’s instalment of A Place in the Sun, Laura took the pair house hunting in Lot et Garonne in the south of France. 

Having spent a year renovating their London home before putting it on the market, Zoe and Neil are no stranger to home improvements and explained they were looking for a farmhouse-style property with lots of outbuildings which they could convert into guest houses to rent out. 

They began the search for their dream home with a maximum budget of £250,000. 



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The first property Laura showed Zoe and Neil didn’t impress the couple much, but Zoe was left in tears after seeing the second home, claiming it was everything she’d dreamed of. 

It seemed like the search was over after they’d seen the three-bed farmhouse which came with a pool. However, Laura continued to impress the couple with properties and they absolutely fell in love with the fifth and final property she showed them. 

During the final minutes of the show, Zoe and Neil told Laura they didn’t need any time to think about it; property number five was their dream home, and they put an offer in then and there. 

They initially offered £225,000 and hoped to keep the remainder of their budget for renovations. 

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Laura was apprehensive about the figure, but urged the couple to go ahead. She said: “The agent said they’d be willing to negotiate within your top wiggle room of £250,000. Now, I think £225,000 is a little cheeky, but let’s try it.”

Zoe and Neil sat nervously by as Laura made the call to the seller’s estate agent, but as she predicted, their offer was immediately rejected, as it was too low. 

The seller didn’t come back with a counteroffer, but in an emotional twist, the couple decided to up their offer to £235,000. 

As Laura made the call, Zoe was visibly distressed and gasped, “I can barely breathe!”

While Laura was confident their new offer would be expected, the owner decided they needed more time to think about it and left the couple hanging. 

Not wanting to wait, Zoe and Neil urged Laura to call the agent back and up the offer once more. They put all of their money on the line, offering £250,000 for the property. 

When the offer was immediately accepted, Zoe broke down in tears. She said: “Thank you so much!” Meanwhile, Neil was visibly teary-eyed as the couple celebrated getting their dream home. 

A Place in the Sun airs weekdays on Channel 4 at 4pm and is available to stream on All4.

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