A Place in the Sun host gives guest a stark warning as they hold back on offer

A Place in the Sun presenter Jean Johansson gave a buyer a stark warning after she decided she wanted to "hold off" putting in an offer on a property she loved.

The Channel 4 property expert was helping Danuta find her dream holiday home in Valencia, Spain after her friend Rachel took the plunge into life abroad a few years ago.

Danuta was armed with a maximum budget of £130,000 and was looking for a two-bedroom home and due to her eye condition, she also needed somewhere with plenty of natural light.

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Initially, the search got off to a strong start as Danuta was blown away by the first property and it seemed to continue going from strength to strength with the others that followed.

She even praised on Jean for finding homes that ticked her boxes before deciding that her favourite of the lot was a two-bed apartment in Saguto.

She said: "It felt more of a home and it’s going to be my home."

The property was priced at £113,904 and Jean had her phone at the ready to put in a bid – when she was unexpectedly told to "hold off."

Danuta said: "Hold it right there, not quite. What I’ve learnt this week is Valencia is so vast, it’s huge. I didn’t realise it was so big and I think I need more time to explore the area to see, not alternatives.

"I want those properties here but I’m not quite ready to commit until I’ve seen more as it’s such a big decision."

However, the unexpected announcement was met with a word of warning from Jean as she said: "I would say great properties go quite quickly I don’t want you to lose one while exploring if you’ve made your mind up.”

Danuta registered a note of interest in the home as she vowed to return to find her dream property in Valencia.

A Place in the Sun airs on Channel 4 every weekday from 3pm.

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