A Place In The Sun’s Jasmine Harman admits she fell in love with her cameraman

Jasmine Harman has form in finding couples the property of their dreams on A Place In The Sun, but she wasn't banking on discovering her dream man behind the scenes.

The presenter, 45, was filming in Portugal when she met cameraman Jon Boast, the pair building up an instant connection.

While their romance was a slow-burner, they eventually "fell in love" and the rest is history.

Discussing their relationship in an interview with Saturday magazine, Jasmine recalled their romantic meet-cute.

"I met my husband Jon on my first A Place In The Sun," she said.

"We did a pilot in South Africa, but when I filmed my first show for the series in Portugal, he was the cameraman.

"I wouldn't actually say it was love at first sight, it was more of a slow burn. We met, became great friends and then we fell in love.

"Now we've got two children and a dog."

After getting to know each other behind the scenes, Jasmine and Jon headed on their first date in Spain, dining out on pizza.

They went on to marry in 2009, with Jasmine walking down the aisle in a beaded ivory gown with a fluted skirt.

Today, they live together in a cosy Surrey home with their two young children – daughter Joy, seven, and son Albie, five.

Marking their 10 year anniversary in 2019, Jasmine did a photoshoot in her old wedding dress, surprising her husband with the snaps.

At the time, she took to social media to say: "Last week I did a top-secret shoot that even my husband didn't know about! SURPRISE @jboasty_dop I'm back into my wedding dress!

"… Have I changed much in 10 years? Thank you @weddingphotojournalist for our beautiful original photos on the day!"

The shoot came after the TV presenter spent months working hard in the gym, setting her wedding gown as a target dress size in her bid to get fitter.

She told The Mirror: "This has always been my goal. I have all the same butterflies I did then. I feel like a princess again.

"Putting on this dress been something I've been thinking about for so long and I didn't know if it would actually happen."

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