A Place in the Sun's Jasmine Harman despairs over 'tough ask' from house hunters

A Place in the Sun's Jasmine Harman despaired over a "tough ask" from house hunters during yesterday's episode of the Channel 4 show.

The property expert, 45, was on a mission to help John and Catherine from Yorkshire find their dream home in Loire Valley, Frace.

The pair had a budget of £100,000 and told Jasmine that they had hopes of turning their home into a B&B.

They also made it clear that they had to have enough space for their four dogs too.

All seemed well after visiting the first property, a two-bed house in Anjouin, valued at £83,086.

The pair made it clear they were big fans.

But the next property, a five-bed house in St. Plantaire, priced at £90,081, just wasn't what they wanted.

To make matters worse the third, which was a three-bed house in Chaillac, was way over their budget with an asking price of £107,909.

Jasmine was positive going to visit the fourth property as it had a lot of potential to turn into a B&B business.

However the three-bed house in Écueillé, priced at £103,604, didn't tick all of their boxes.

As they looked around the property, John asked if Catherine was vibing with the space and she said that she wasn't.

The expert was excited to know what they thought and it wasn't what she wanted to hear.

Catherine told her: "The house looks lovely… As our home it could be perfect."

John added: "But the problem is the business potential isn't there for us!"

Jasmine had to explain that they may have to up their budget slightly to get something they want.

She said: "It's a tough ask, with this budget."

The pair agreed that they needed to look at something slightly more expensive.

Luckily the fifth and final place – a two-bed house in Lignac – was exactly what they wanted.

Although it was over budget at just over £116,000, Jasmine stressed how perfect it was for them.

And the huge asking price certainly didn't put them off.

They were so happy with her choice that they put in an offer of £105,000 and the owner accepted their offer.

A Place in the Sun airs weekdays at 3pm on Channel 4.

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