Agents Of Shield star confirms show departure from MCU and Thanos' snap

Marvel’s Agents of Shield returned to TV screens for its sixth season in the United States on Friday – but actress Min-Na Wen said it might be best to see the show as a separate entity from the events that occurred in Avengers: Endgame.

The show is the first in the MCU to be released after the most recent Avengers movie, but fans may be surprised to note that showrunners have kept away from Thanos’ Snap.

**This article contains mild Avengers and Agents of Shield spoilers**

It was previously revealed that, as creators didn’t know where to place Thanos’ Snap in the time frame of the show, Shield doesn’t address the events of the Snap or the madness that happens afterwards.

Fans who thought the show might have figured out a workaround after Endgame was released may be a little disappointed to discover that is not the case, and Min-Na Wen, who plays agent Melinda May, said as much during an interview with TVLine.

‘So the Snap hasn’t happened yet,’ she said.

‘I think at this point it’s safe to say that we have departed from following the [Marvel] cinematic universe in that sense, and are just telling our own stories and our own situations.’

She added: ‘All this is happening pre-Snap.’

The actress also addressed the gaping hole left behind with the death of Coulson, and his doppelganger Sarge.

‘In her mind,’ Wen said, referring to her character May, ‘there’s maybe a 10 per cent hope at this point that it’s Coulson, but in reality she knows it’s not. She needs to find out who the hell is this guy, this ‘evil twin’ from a parallel universe?’

The appearance of Phil Coulson’s double had fans speculating about potential Avengers spoilers in the new season of Shield, with some suggesting there must be some kind of reference to Shield in Endgame.

Others have been hypothesising that Coulson could be a Skrull, given his instant resurrection, or indeed that that’s his evil twin.

‘I mean, she saw [Coulson] die. She buried him. In a way, so when she sees Sarge, it’s like she is so pissed. She closed that chapter of her life and now that Pandora’s Box reopens for her and she doesn’t like it, at all,’ Wen concluded.

Agents of Shield returns to the UK on E4 in the summer.

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