Alaskan Bush People star Matt Brown tells fans ‘never give up’ after substance abuse battle and rehab – The Sun

ALASKAN Bush People star Matt Brown has told fans to "never give up" after his battle with substance abuse and rehab stints.

The 37-year-old – who's been keeping a low profile since leaving the Discovery channel show – urged his followers to "stay strong" in a clip he posted on Instagram.

Discussing the coronavirus pandemic, he said: "Hey everybody, I just wanted to say hi and let you all know that everything is good out here and I guess really reflect on the fact that the world is kind of weird right now.

"It's kind of like living in a sci-fi film."

Matt then assured fans he's "doing well" and "living good".

"I want to thank everybody for all the well wishes, I am doing well and living good and I hope the same for all of you all. Remember, stay strong, never give up, never surrender. I love you."

He captioned the clip, which appeared to be shot near woodland: "Wishing everyone well out there, stay safe! Never give up never surrender!"

It's a rare post for the reality star, who has been living a quiet life in California since completing six months of combined inpatient and outpatient rehab in January 2019.

He has not appeared on ABP show since season eight, as he was dealing with substance abuse issues during seasons nine and 10.

Matt – who recently posted about "hard times" after being snubbed by his family on National Sibling Day – first went to rehab for alcohol abuse in 2016.

After getting out, he admitted to People: “I could see myself spiraling. I was more withdrawn. I was slower. Things didn’t excite me the way they used to.”

He said he first started drinking steadily aged around 30, when his family's boat broke down.

“I’ve always been able to handle city life, no problem. But I started hanging out with people who drank. They didn’t have a problem with it so while I was around them, I started drinking," Matt said.

The eldest Brown child went on: “I started drinking lightly and then it got to be more and more. That’s when I saw the problem around the corner, and I didn’t want to be one of those guys.”

His dad Billy said in March last year that Matt had decided to "drop everything and… fix what he hadn't fixed".

He added: "He's fighting a hard road. He has for a long time. We just try to let him know that family’s here no matter what."

Matt's brother, Solomon "Bear" Brown, is facing his own struggles.

The troubled reality star is asking for a DNA test to prove he's the father of ex Raiven Adams' baby son River and wants joint custody is he is.

Raiven had filed a restraining order against Bear before River's birth and later dropped it, but accused her ex of being abusive.

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