Alison Hammond forces naughty MP to apologise in awkward This Morning showdown

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    This Morning took a rather awkward turn during the latest episode after Alison Hammond called out Angela Rayner for vaping.

    During Wednesday's show (October 18), the labor MP appeared on the programme to discuss the current state of the economy and her life in politics. But before Alison and her co-host Dermot O'Leary spoke to Angela about more pressing matters, Alison took the opportunity to call out the MP's vaping habit.

    Kickstarting the conversation, Alison quickly said: "And you like to vape, you naughty thing." Apologising profusely for her habit, Angela, 43, shared that she "will give up" vaping and explained that her children don't support her decision to vape.

    Angela, who admitted that she started vaping to quit smoking, said: "I've found it really difficult to get off the vape and I wish I could. I think that's the thing with a lot of young people once they're on these vapes, they can't get off and it is a substance and we shouldn't be giving it to our young people."

    After sharing that her children find it disgusting, Alison then said to Angela: "Like you said you were a smoker. That's a better alternative then smoking e-cigarettes."

    But fans thought the lecture went on for far too long and headed over to X, formerly known as Twitter to share their thoughts. One viewer penned: "Well, that wasn’t an overly elongated conversation about vaping."

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