Ambulance fans in tears as BBC One show confirms three heartbreaking deaths at end of episode

AMBULANCE viewers broke down in tears last night as it was confirmed three patients died at the end of the finale episode.

The BBC One show revealed the heartbreaking deaths of Eric, Margaret and another woman also named Margaret.

The award-winning series following the North West Ambulance Service was updating viewers on the patients featured in the show as the credits began to roll.

Eric sadly died after suffering a cardiac arrest three months later.

And after a week in hospital, Margaret died at home seven weeks afterwards.

Another patient called Margaret also passed away died three months later.

Earlier in the episode, patient Stephen died – and his family released a statement at the end of the show.

It read: "As a family we are still grieving, every day still hurts. He was cared for, loved and is missed every single day."

One emotional viewer said: "I am in absolute floods of tears at #Ambulance just now."

Another added: "Literally in tears watching #ambulance."

Someone else said: "Every Thursday night i watch #Ambulance and it leaves me in tears every week."

A viewer added: "Tears are in my eyes..powerful moving episode. Massive respect to all."

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