Antiques Road Trip expert jokes co-star could retire with profit made on glass bowl

Antiques Road Trip: A glass bowl sells for £55

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Charlie Ross and Izzie Balmer were paired together for the latest episode of Antiques Road Trip. Together, the experts were on a trip that began in the Cotswolds and when hunting for treasures in an antique store, Izzie spotted a colourful and sparkling glass bowl. She snapped it up for £18 and when it went under the hammer made a profit Charlie joked she “could retire with”. 

Her [Izzie’s] final stop is Vintage Seven Centre,” the voice-over examples. “Now, what may tempt you to part with your remaining £128, then?” 

“Oh, I do always like a flash of colour and a bit of sparkle,” the expert began picking up a small bowl. “And this is Murano glass. 

“Murano glass is very distinctive by its bright and bold and vibrant use of colour and the blobs and the swirls, which are obviously technical terms! 

In this particular instance, there’s a sparkle crackled effect going on as well. 

“We call this design tutti-frutti because well it kind of looks like sweets in a bowl, really,” she explained. 

“[And] Murano glass has a really long history, so it’s an island off Venice and the Venetian glass can be traced back to the 8th and 9th centuries. 

“But Murano glass came to prominence in the 15th and 16th centuries. 

“There is no price on here. I’m hoping that means it’s really, really cheap! A bargain price to me!” Izzie exclaimed. 

She then headed over to the counter where Gaynor, the shop owner said: “The best I could do on it would be £18.” 

“Not going to argue with that, at £18,” Izzie replied shaking hands. 

Later on in the episode, Izzie joined Charlie in the auction room and the voice-over introduced her item: “It’s a Murano tutti-frutti bowl next – a wop-bop-a-lupa!” 

“Look at it!” Charlie remarked and the auctioneer began: “£20 to start, £20 at the back of the room. Looking for £22?” 

“How have you got £20 already? Look at it go!” Charlie exclaimed. 

“£24 on the net. £26, £28 at the back,” the auctioneer continued. 

“Keep going, keep going, keep going,” Izzie begged. 

“£30 to my left. £35 at the back, £40, looking for £45,” the auctioneer asked and Izzie turned behind her and wondered: “Is this gentleman bidding?” 

“£45 new bidder. £50 right at the back,” the auctioneer remarked. “I’ve got £50 at the back, £55. I’m going to sell it at £55.” 

Having bought the bowl at £18, Izzie made a profit of £37. 

The voice-over commented: “Ha-ha! Good-o! Izzie’s on a roll with another smashing profit.” 

“You’ll be able to retire soon!” Charlie joked. 

Antiques Road Trip is available to watch weekdays at 4.30pm on BBC Two. 

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