Are Denver and Stockholm from Money Heist a couple in real life?

Money Heist: Rafael teaser released ahead of series five

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Money Heist returned last week for the first half of season five on Netflix. The Spanish drama picked up from where it left off in series four with the gang still inside the Bank of Spain, in the middle of a heist and surrounded by the authorities. Series five will be the final ever season of La Casa de Papel so anything could happen in the final few episodes.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Money Heist.

Monica Gaztambide (Esther Acebo) was originally a secretary at the Royal Mint of Spain in the first season who was taken as one of the gang’s hostages.

She was watched over by Denver (Jaime Lorente) and as the season went on, she started to fall in love with him.

So much so that she decided to leave with the robbers so she could still be with Denver.

While there have been some rocky moments in their relationship, Monica remained adamant that this was the life that she wanted.

As an inside joke, Monica became known as Stockholm, in reference to Stockholm Syndrome where someone falls in love with their kidnapper.

Prior to the Bank of Spain heist, Denver didn’t want her to come along as she didn’t have any previous criminal experience and thought it too dangerous.

Stockholm didn’t like his attitude though and decided to go along anyway.

With Denver and Stockholm’s relationship a key element of Money Heist, this has got fans wondering if there is also chemistry behind the camera.

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Are Denver and Stockholm from Money Heist a couple in real life?

Denver actor Jaime Lorente and Stockholm actress Esther Acebo have not confirmed that they are in a relationship.

While their characters have a passionate romance, the dynamic between the stars isn’t quite known.

Even though they are a couple on screen, the pair haven’t publicly made any romance official.

But the pair have recently been spotted alone together, hinting at the possibility they could be more than colleagues.

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Lorente and Acebo were attending the 2021 Venice Film Festival and were seen on more than one occasion by themselves.

On Sunday, September 5, the Money Heist stars were spotted taking pictures together during a walk by the river.

Could the Denver and Stockholm stars have been on a date? will update this article if more information does come out about the actors.

Money Heist returned for the first five episodes of season five on Friday, September 3.

There is still more to come as the second half will soon be out, rounding up the drama for good.

Season five, part two will be released on the streaming service on Friday, December 3.

Money Heist is available to watch on Netflix.

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