Are you serious? GB News world exclusive Thomas Markle interview slammed by viewers

Prince Harry not attending Jubilee 'ridiculous' says Thomas Markle

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Thomas Markle has been in and out of the press ever since his daughter The Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle, married Prince Harry. The happy couple has recently been in the Netherlands to support the 2022 Invictus Games. While appearing on GB News in a world exclusive interview, Thomas Markle opened up to Dan Wootton about his daughter and announced he would travel to London to attend the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in June.

The interview was branded a “world exclusive” with Markle reported to have news which would “shock” his daughter and Prince Harry. 

However, when the announcement was simply that he would be in London for the Jubilee, viewers slammed the interview. 

Twitter user @sutty56 posted: “Is that it ??? World exclusive ???? Are you serious ???? Who cares ??? Omg.”

@ColinMe1 asked: “Why on earth do the media keep giving this man coverage?”

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Savannah Stomrm tweeted: “Is that it?” while Kim Ford added: “That’s it? Hardly earth shaking is it?”

In Markle’s interview, he shared his annoyance at the “ridiculous” couple for potentially not attending the Jubilee themselves.

Host Wootton exclaimed: “He said he might not be able to come for security reasons… I mean, you’re coming. Is this gutless of him?”

“I think it’s ridiculous. He knows how much security they are going to have,” Markle replied. 

“He is totally safe in that situation, and my god, he is going off to the games, which will be far more dangerous for him than at the Jubilee.

“So I don’t understand half the things he says, and I have so little respect for that man.”

More to follow…

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