'Bachelor in Paradise': This Is How Producers Found out About Ivan Hall's Secret Meet-Up

Last week on Bachelor in Paradise, former Bachelorette contestant Ivan Hall surprised viewers and the rest of the cast when he revealed that he broke the rules of the show. While the cast was sheltering in a hotel, Ivan snuck out to meet up with Alexa Caves. During the rose ceremony, Wells Adams called Ivan out for his behavior, but how did Wells and the producers find out what Ivan did?

What did Ivan do on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’?

Just before the rose ceremony, Wells pulled Ivan out of the lineup.

“There’s something that happened last night at the hotel when we were sheltering from the storm,” Wells told the group.

“Last night at the hotel, I was really in a place where I was kind of feeling lost here in Paradise,” Ivan told Wells once they were alone. “I was honestly feeling lost and had no connections. I didn’t know where to go, really. And last night, I spent time with Alexa at the hotel.”

He revealed that he found out where Alexa was through a producer’s phone.

“There was a phone in my room, a producer’s phone, it was just there,” he said. “It was literally the first thing on the screen. I didn’t go searching for anything; it was a screenshot of the room numbers and stuff.”

Wells details what happened

For some viewers, it seemed pretty random that a producer would leave their phone with valuable information just lying around. Some people even thought production might have planted the phone for a juicy storyline. But Wells recently cleared up how the whole thing went down on his Your Favorite Things podcast.

“You’re stuck there. You’re not allowed to leave the room. They take your keys away—you’re just stuck there. So if you ever need anything, the producer has to come and give it to you. So like, ‘Hey, we need some chips and, you know, a case of beer and whatever,’ producers have to come and bring it to you. And what I think happened was a producer came over—we’re all friends, we’re working on a show together, everyone knows each other—and so I think what happened is that a producer had everyone’s room number on their phone. Because you have your mask, and your phone doesn’t read, like, it’s your face, she had turned off her face notification, so she could get to, like, all the information. And so she left the phone in the room. I think he went over and was like, ‘Oh, here’s a phone,’ realized, opened it up and the first thing was everyone’s room number. And then he bailed.”

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How did ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ producers find out what Ivan did?

Viewers might think that production found out what Ivan did because they were monitoring the cast but that isn’t the case. One producer overheard Alexa talking to Ivan.

“A producer was next door to [Alexa’s] room,” Wells continued. “She heard people talking late into the night. [Alexa] obviously [is] quarantined away from everyone, [and the producer is] like, ‘Who is this person talking to? What’s going on?’ How we found out about it was she called and asked for a wake-up call at, like, 5 in the morning. When we found out about that, we were like, ‘What is she waking up for? She’s not going to set.’”

Eventually, a producer asked Alexa what was going on and she “spilled” the details. She and Ivan then left the show.

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