Bargain Hunt fans slam ‘absolute scandal’ as item is disqualified

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On Saturday, BBC viewers were taken to Exeter as two teams battled it out to try and find the most profitable antiques which they’d later sell at auction. However, two women were stunned when they were told one of their items didn’t meet the specific criteria and it would be disqualified.

Bargain Hunt sees two separate teams, one blue and one red, given £300 to buy antiques within one hour which they can hopefully make a profit from at auction later on.

If any money is left over after the team scour their items, antique experts will then go shopping for an extra purchase to try and help boost any potential money at the end.

At the end of the show, the two teams will get to keep the difference in cash from how much the item cost to buy and what it sells for at auction.

However, in a recent instalment viewers were left reeling when one antique was disqualified.

Hosted by Natasha Raskin Sharp, viewers were introduced to mother and son Ann and James on the blue team and friends Lisa and Helen on the red team.

At Exeter’s Westpoint Arena, the two teams were tasked with looking for specific items that matches certain criteria.

Ann and James had to look for a maritime object, and they successfully found a menu holder from a shipping liner which cost them £70.

Whereas Lisa and Helen had to find something agricultural, after a search they managed to find a mole spade which cost them £18.

As the red team and their expert Philip Serrell thought the spade was used for digging out moles, they were stunned to learn it was most likely a bread peel from the 19th century.

Sadly, as the antique didn’t meet the criteria they were told they had been disqualified.

However, when the item went to auction, the two women learnt it had sold for £50 which would have given them a £32 profit.

After watching the team get disqualified, Bargain Hunt viewers quickly took to social media to slam the “scandal”.

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Adding screenshots from the episode, Twitter user Ariadne_Reviews commented: “Absolute scandal on #BargainHunt”
Juniper_guy added: “I agree it was an outrageous decision!”

ShirleyaCook slammed: “Natasha seems to relish disqualifying things #BargainHunt”

Janetpascoedean commented: “Disqualified spade makes a profit.”

Despite the item being disqualified, it didn’t stop the two women from walking away from the show with the highest overall profit.

The blue team had a total loss of £63, whereas the red team had a loss of £55 which meant they were the winners of the episode.

As Natasha started to inform viewers how they could apply to star in the show, the losing team commented: “‘It’’s not that easy!”

Bargain Hunt is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

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