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ONE anonymous Reddit user has revealed a very interesting fact about the popular auction show, Bargain Hunt.

The BBC series, which has ran from 2000, features two teams who go head-to-head in a bid to make the most profit.

One pair known as the Reds – will go up against another pair – the Blues – and both teams are given a budget of around £300.

They then shop at an antiques shop or a fair, and try to find items which they can sell for a profit at auction.

A Reddit user going only by @DreddyTennyis has spoken about a friend of theirs' experience on the show.

They wrote: "My friend was at a recording of Bargain Hunt.

"Unbidden [SPOILERS] in text."


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They went on to explain that whilst the show makes it seem as though opposing teams the Red and the Blues are kept completely apart during the show's auction segment, this is not the case.

According to them, it is all "smoke and mirrors", and they don't keep everything a secret.

They wrote: "The Reds and the Blues are in the same room during the auction!

"The presenter asking each side not to tell the other the results is only smoke and mirrors!"

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They added that they did suspect that to start with, but they were gutted to find out it was true from their pal.

They wrote: "I had my suspicions, but to have the illusion forever shattered has been difficult."

One curious commenter asked under the post: "Do they also know how much the others paid for each item, and therefore the profit and loss situation?

"If not then the result is still a secret until the end?"

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The OP replied to them: "The presenters talk through all that in front of everyone! And tell them their scores!


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