BBC Breakfasts Carol Kirkwood says yikes as Naga Munchetty makes awkward jibe

BBC Breakfast’s Naga Munchetty comments on Carol Kirkwood’s dress

BBC Breakfast’s Naga Munchetty experienced an awkward chat with weather presenter Carol Kirkwood and joked that her dress wasn’t ironed properly.

Carol was in the studio this morning to discuss the severe red weather warnings which have been issued in parts of Scotland.

Storm Babet is expected to cause risk to life and severe flooding, with Angus and Aberdeenshire thought to be the worst parts hit.

During the weather forecast segment, Carol insisted that “torrential rain” will take place and it won’t be a “pretty picture”.

Naga then added: “I can imagine it takes a lot for there to be a red warning, because you’ve been doing this a long time Carol, you know what you’re doing, you’ve got experience doing this, red warnings are very rare, they’re not slapped on lightly.”

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Carol replied: “They are absolutely not, the Met Office has to be pretty sure that the impact and the likelihood of this happening come together for a red warning to come out.”

Charlie Stayt then quipped: “I’m presuming Carol that that is why you are wearing red today, it is also colour coordinated right?”

Carol chuckled: “No it’s not, it is what is clean, what is ironed, yikes.”

But then Naga interupted: “At least it is clean, that’s a good thing isn’t it?”

Carol, who looked visibly unimpressed, replied: “What are you saying, it’s not ironed?”

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The two hosts then quickly moved onto the next news segment.

This is not the first time that viewers thought there was frostiness in the BBC studio, as Naga and Charlie fuelled rumours of a “feud” earlier this week.

Last weekend, the pair were discussing the cold weather and Charlie said he planned to stay at home to watch The Rugby World Cup.

He shared: “I want to watch the rugby. It’s that thing, staying indoors when it’s nice outside. But I don’t think that’s a worry right now is it.”

However, Naga was quick to disagree with Charlie and insisted that it would be sunny later on.

She asked the weather presenter to double confirm that there would be sunshine, to which Charlie said: “You’re right Naga.”

BBC Breakfast airs on weekdays from 6am until 9am on BBC One and on Saturdays from 6am to 10am.

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