BBC Breakfasts Charlie Stayt forced to apologise for getting guests name wrong

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BBC Breakfast turned majorly awkward on Thursday morning, as presenter Charlie Stayt was forced to apologise live on-air.

Charlie and co-host Naga Munchetty were presenting the show from the iconic red sofa as they chatted via video link to one Christmas expert, who went by the nickname Nana Baubles.

Naga kicked off the segment by explaining: "Perhaps you have been getting into the festive spirit over the past few days. Put up a few decorations, perhaps? Well, I think whatever you've done is going to be completely put into the shade.

"We are going to introduce you to Nana Baubles."

Turning to their guest, Charlie said: "Good morning Nana! Hello, Nana. We should introduce you properly, your real name is Sylvia Page, you're in Swansea-"

But Nana was quick to interrupt him, as she said: "No, no, no! Sylvia Pope!" as she spelled out her surname for him.

A red-faced Charlie quickly smoothed things over by saying: "Sorry! That was my mistake, you're quite right and well done for putting me right!

"As always I'm getting things wrong and people are putting me right!"

The rather bizarre interview soon got underway, as Charlie remarked on the impressive amount of baubles Sylvia had strung up around her house.

He continued: "Lovely to see you, and can I be the first to say – that's a lot of baubles on your ceiling!"

Sylvia explained she'd just received the Guinness World Record for number of baubles, with 1,760 strung up around her house.

"That's not all I have – I've got them outside as well, on the front of the house!" Sylvia explained.

Both Naga and Charlie couldn't help but collapse into giggles as their guest admitted she goes out buying more all the time, and added: "I've just got this attraction to baubles."

"It takes me so long to put them up that I start in September," she revealed.

Naga quizzed her: "Will you be honest with me? Do you ever start putting them up, get a couple of hundred in and just think, 'I don't want to do this anymore'?"

But Sylvia was quick to reply: "No! No I don't. I can't wait to finish it, it's just sometimes my body won't allow me to do too many at once, so I just have to take my time."

She later revealed that she'd fallen off her ladder "a few times" while stringing up baubles – and even broken a finger in the process.

It wasn't the only awkward encounter on Thursday's episode, as Naga was forced to shut her co-host down in a row about 'tender' touches.

Speaking about a development in robot hands, Charlie explained: "One of the perennial problems with robots is that you can't combine the strength of a robot hand with the tenderness required for the use, normally, of a hand. As you might know!"

He added: "They're always smashing things, aren't they, robots? But can they do delicate things with their hands?"

But a clearly unimpressed Naga looked off to the camera, clearly baffled as she replied: "I haven't thought of robot hands being tender, no!" – not enjoying where the conversation was going.

BBC Breakfast airs from 6am every day on BBC One.

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