BBC is NOT relevant Vine guest warns Beeb must change or die

BBC 'needs to change or die' says Graeme Brown

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It’s not yet known which shows or channels will be axed when the cuts are announced but it will be to help save £285million. Tim explained the BBC’s previous plan to “do everything with every service” was no longer viable and it needed to focus on its most popular content. He insisted whole channels would not be axed but spending would be reduced on each channel’s content. However, giving his view on Jeremy Vine on 5, Graeme Brown said the BBC “must change or die”.

Host Jeremy began: “They’ve got to the Line of Duty haven’t they Graeme, the big shows, the big hits?”

“Yeah and more importantly, they need to change,” Graeme replied. “The BBC needs to change or die.

“Storm [Huntley] mentioned Netflix before, we’ve had it said this week that Netflix might be outdated by the people consuming media.

“The BBC is run by a 10-year charter and I would contest it is run by 50-year-old sensibilities.

“It is just inconceivable that the BBC, without absolute catastrophic change, much, much bigger than this is ever going to be relevant.

“I watch kids consume TV, the BBC is not prepared for that, and they are the consumers of the future.

“It’s change or die and like I said, this is just the start really.”

It comes after Tim said traditional television and radio channels will stay on our but consumers should expect to hear reused content and repeats.

He stated: “What I’m not willing to do is to compromise on quality.”

The director-general added the BBC is committed to ensuring the licence fee was worth its value.

Tim explained they want to ensure viewers are happy with the content they get for £13 a month.

“We’re not trying to be Netflix, we’re going to be highly distinctive and of the highest quality,” he said at the Voice of the Listener and Viewer conference.

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