BBC sparks outrage after airing graphic calling Rishi Sunak a c***

Rishi Sunak makes first statement as Prime Minister

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On Tuesday morning, Rishi Sunak met with King Charles III where he was formally appointed as the country’s latest leader before making his first speech as Prime Minister on the steps of Downing Street. The BBC aired the event live and soon showed a graphic where Sunak had been described by the public, but seemed to have forgotten to edit out the expletives, leaving BBC viewers to slam the broadcaster for their “lack” of editing.

The BBC reporter stood outside Number 10 shortly after Sunak had made his speech and said: “How would you describe Rishi Sunak in one word?

“Savanta ComRes, a polling research company, came up with a word cloud and people sent in their thoughts and this is the conclusion.”

The camera then showed a word cloud which saw an array of words that Sunak had been described by, including “c***” and “t**t”.

He was also labelled as boring, slimy, idiot, backstabbing, a snake and a liar, whilst some words showed support for Sunak such as confident, nice and intelligent.

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Not noticing the mistakes, the journalist continued: “Rich is the overwhelming word, alongside capable, okay, good and clever.”

Furious at the mistake made by the broadcaster and the people running the graphics, viewers took to Twitter to express their disappointment.

@InvestwithAN fumed: “@MetroUK recently published an article against the @BBCNews A disgusting and hateful thing to do. I will delete my BBC subscription. Your organisation is full of thick s**m.”

Jesse Westgate commented: “Oops #bbc #RishiSunak nice word cloud…tw*t…c*nt..liar.”

Fiona Moore asked: “Was it accidental if they’ve censored it?”

@JacCooper1 added to the furore, claiming: “Someone knew what they were doing!”

Darren Fry said: “How is this acceptable from the BBC which provides broadcast like World service for example.”

@awe_yon complained: “#BBC’s word cloud on @RishiSunak looks like the snide remarks made in a whispering tone by a b****y bunch of gossipers behind the back of a beautiful straight-As cheerleader!!!” (sic) has contacted the BBC for a comment.

Sunak has replaced Liz Truss as Prime Minister after she resigned just 44 days into the job, leading many members of the public to call for a general election.

In a recent YouGov poll, 38 percent of Brits are pleased Sunak will get the keys to Number 10, while 41 percent are disappointed and 21 percent don’t know.

Since being appointed Prime Minister, Sunak has already reinstated Michael Gove as Levelling Up Secretary.

Suella Braverman also made a Cabinet comeback as Home Secretary, only days after she dramatically quit Liz Truss’s Government after being accused of breaching the ministerial code.

He restored Dominic Raab as Deputy Prime Minister and Justice Secretary, and kept Jeremy Hunt as Chancellor, just days after Truss appointed him.

Grant Shapps has been made Business Secretary, Kemi Badenoch returns as International Trade Secretary and Nadhim Zahawi was appointed Conservative Party Chair while Penny Mordaunt has been reappointed as Leader of the Commons.

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