BBC The One Show fans baffled as guest shows off teeth shed ripped out herself

The One Show were "creeped out" as the programme turned slightly grim during a segment about lack of NHS dentists in some parts of the UK.

During the instalment, a lady called Danielle explained that she'd had to take extreme measures when it came to her teeth because she just couldn't secure an appointment in her local area.

Danielle also explained that she didn't have the spare cash to go private so as a matter of emergency she'd ripped 12 of her own teeth out.

Showing off her collection, she scattered the teeth out onto a table – with the camera zooming in on the removed kashers for all to see.

Outraged viewers took to Twitter to beg BBC chiefs never to show them "yanked out teeth again".

One tweet read: "OMG this woman is pulling her own teeth out #theoneshow."

Another online user said: "Just going to say the thought of having front teeth pulled out is terrifying."

A third fumed: "Never show me yanked out teeth again please #TheOneShow."

While a fourth added: "I'm sorry but the state of her teeth is longer than 5 months #TheOneShow."

Introducing the segment, host Jermaine Jenas, 38, explained: "Now then, there has been lots on the news today about NHS waiting lists with some health experts claiming there could be a backlog of ten million patients by 2024."

Jermaine's co-host Lauren Laverne, 43, chimed in: "One area severely effected by the pandemic is dentistry and in some parts of the UK it's almost impossible to get an appointment with an NHS dentist.

"Here, Reseca Jarr met a woman who took matters into her own hands."

Speaking on the programme Danielle explained: "The pain just got so bad that I just had no other choice that I just had to remove them."

Pouring the teeth onto the coffee table in front of her she added: "12 teeth that I have taken out.

"I would ring a dentist because I could feel my teeth getting loose and I would get told the same "we're not taking on any NHS patients anymore'.

Danielle said: "It's my personality almost taken away because I love chatting to people and smiling to people but I'm hiding because I don't want them to see my mouth and don't want them to hear me speak.

"I can't afford to go private and I'm left with nothing. So lost basically without a dentist."

The One Show airs nightly on BBC One at 7pm

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