'Below Deck Mediterranean' Tip Totals Explode When the Crew Earns $23,585

The Below Deck Mediterranean crew earns their highest individual tip to date when the Kirk group leaves $23,585 for the crew, which shakes out to $1,965 per person. Apparently, Octoberfest and chef Mathew Shea’s fare won over the guests as they celebrate the highest tip to date. This crew is on track to make the most money in tips in the history of the Below Deck franchise. They have earned over the high-end tip amount of $20,000 from three out of four charters. Plus, the season isn’t even half over. And while they are scoring big on tips, the addition of new stew Delaney Evans could put a dent in individual totals.

How much money has the ‘Below Deck Mediterranean’ Season 6 crew earned in tips?

Thus far the crew has earned a total of $85,385 in tips. The top two tip totals came from the Kirk charter group and Terez Lauren’s group. Lauren left a $25,800, but that resulted in about $1,718 per crew member. Roy Oribison Jr. left $21,000 for the crew and Athena Lucene tipped the crew $15,000.

Lucene was dogged for her low-end tip and she defended the amount on Instagram. “Thanks for watching the show and for your comment,” she replied to the viewer who asked about the tip. “Yes the charter was cut short with no refunds due to bad weather. Had it been a longer charter, the tip certainly would have been a greater amount. The crew and everyone were amazing!”

So which crew earned the highest tip amount thus far? The Below Deck Mediterranean Season 5 crew ended with $171,500 in tip money, which was $14,292 per crew member. However, the season 6 crew is up against a pandemic. Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 2 crew had two charters cut short due to the pandemic, which impacted their tip totals.

Terez Lauren said she would have left $100,000 in tips for the ‘Below Deck Med’ crew

Lauren thought she left a low tip and told Showbiz Cheat Sheet she would have given the crew a $100,000 tip if the trip was better. Lauren’s group embarked upon the first charter, which was when Shea departed that first night due to a knee injury. “We have the money,” she shared. “$30,000 was minimum for a sh–t job. They could have made so much more.” 

She added that the tip they left was the minimum amount and “we would have gone as high as $100,000.” Lauren also said, “I come from [the] service industry so 20% is minimum,” she remarked. “Had they crushed it, [we] would have given them so much more.” 

How will Delaney Evans impact the crew tip totals?

The Lady Michelle crew just got a little bigger now that Evans joined the interior team. The pandemic pushed Captain Sandy Yawn to put two additional crew members into quarantine in the event one of her crew members gets sick or leaves the boat. Chief stew Katie Flood admitted to Yawn that her team was struggling so Yawn suggested that Evans join the boat since she was already getting paid.

And while the team will likely appreciate the additional support, having Evans on board will likely reduce individual tip totals. Captains typically divide the total amount evenly so even if the crew takes home more overall, they may individually make a little less in tip money.

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