Below Deck: Rachel Hargrove stunned by Eddie Lucas ‘very hurtful’ behaviour: ‘Spineless!’

A dramatic look at Below Deck season 9 preview

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Below Deck season nine has already set sail, with the first episode dropping on October 25. It wouldn’t be a new season without some onboard drama though, as it looks to be kicking off in episode two. Bravo just released a teaser to get fans excited for the next instalment and Chef Rachel Hargrove looks like she has finally had enough of Eddie Lucas.

While it wasn’t exactly plain sailing in the first episode of season nine, the charter got underway without a hitch.

With the ship sailing and the crew busy keeping the guests happy, it looks as though something might be stirring between Rachel Hargrove and Eddie Lucas.

The pair have had their fair share of clashes in the past, with Captain Lee Rosbach even being forced to intervene back in season eight.

While it looks as though the pair had managed to put aside their differences, it seems as though they will be going back to square one in episode two.

In a recently released teaser for the episode, Hargrove and Lucas can be seen bickering in the yacht’s kitchen.

In the clip, Rachel says: “That’s my face, that ‘I’m thinking’ face.

“Have you ever seen that face before, Eddie?” Hargrove adds, with Lucas replying: “I have.”

In a follow-up moment, Hargrove says to the camera: “I’m really shocked about Eddie’s behaviour behind my back. It was actually very hurtful.”

Hargrove then adds: “Where I come from, we call that spineless!”

The clip doesn’t show what Lucas has said or done behind Hargrove’s back to set off the drama.

However, it does show a scene from season eight, when Lucas confronted Captain Lee and discussed Hargrove.

“As soon as the work is done and alcohol is flowing she just becomes this negative and toxic person,” Lucas explains.

Also shown in the teaser is Deckhand Wes O’Dell opening up about some of his past relationships.

The sailor admitted to not being in many long-term relationships, with the longest being eight months.

“My longest relationship latest eight months, she ended up moving to Australia and she’s still in Australia,” O’Dell laughed.

O’Dell added: “Also, I heard Australia is really cool, great surf, so I understand that, erm…”

It looks as though many of the new deckhands will be getting to know each other better in episode two.

Many of them are only just finding the time to learn more about one another, now that the charter is underway.

The crew will be docking up by a beautiful Croatian beach in the next episode, making sure the charter guests have everything they could possibly want or need.

However, Captain Lee makes a welcome return, phoning the crew up to let them know he is making a speedy recovery.

Below Deck season 9 continues November 1 at 9pm EST on Bravo. The new season is also available on Peacock.

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