Ben Shephard in disbelief as Tipping Point star makes unbelievable error: Cant believe

Tipping Point: Liz knocked out after sudden death mistake

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On Monday’s instalment of ITV’s Tipping Point, three brand new contestants, AJ, Sylvia and Liz, joined host Ben Shephard as they each hoped to win the £10,000 jackpot. Players AJ and Sylvia were the final two remaining players after Liz was booted off after she eagerly pressed her buzzer and took a stab at one of Ben’s questions, which in turn appeared to be an on-air blunder. However, the Good Morning Britain star was unable to keep his composure over the quizzer’s answer as he raised his eyebrows in disbelief. 

Addressing the players, Ben asked: “In Roman numerals, which single letter represents the number 10?”

Quick to press her buzzer, player Liz chimed in: “10.” 

However, she soon realised and quickly corrected herself: “Oh, X!”

Holding her head in her hands, the red-faced quizzer was left mortified by her response. 

Shaking his head, a sympathetic Ben cried:  “Liz, Liz, Liz, so sorry.”

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“I can’t believe I just did that,” she went on to say. 

She told the former Daybreak star: “My family are going to kill me, honestly.”

Her response caused fellow quizzers AJ and Sylvia to break out into fits of laughter while Ben said: “Oh Liz!”

“I have to accept your first answer,” the host said with regret. 

Shaking off her embarrassment, Liz smiled and stated: “That’s fine.”

“And you said ’10’ rather than the ‘X’ which means I’m afraid you’re going home.”

Turning to the other two players, Ben giggled: “Sylvia, well done by virtually the fact that Liz got it wrong.”

Fans on social media shared their thoughts on Liz’s accidental quizzing error, with @MahfuzCOYI16 saying: “Liz had a shocker there #TippingPoint.”

While @MissLionHeart wrote: “Liz didn’t have a lovely day #TippingPoint.”

Elsewhere in the programme, AJ and Sylvia battled it out in a series of general knowledge questions. 

However, AJ took victory over his fellow contestant, adding £2,250 to his prize pot. 

When asked by the ITV host how he planned to spend his win, the contestant revealed he would like to treat his family to a holiday in Finland, saying he would like to “spend some time in the snow”.

Moreover, the star was one step away from earning £20,000 as the jackpot counter was on the edge of the machine. 

In a nail-biting finale, AJ took the risk, exchanging his £3,500 for three new counters.

When making the decision, he said: “£20,000 is life-changing, I mean, I came with nothing Ben so I’m going to take the risk.”

Unfortunately, the trade didn’t work out as he’d planned when the jackpot counter had failed to play out, leaving him with nothing. 

AJ told the presenter: “Never mind Ben, I’ve had a great day.”

Ben gushed: “I’m sure the kids are going to be incredibly proud of you.”

Tipping Point airs weekdays on ITV at 4pm

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