Bernice has sex with new love interest in Emmerdale – who then dies in bed

It’s always a bit awkward to wake up from a night of passion to find your lover has carked it, which is the exact situation Emmerdale’s unlucky-in-love-and-sex Bernice (Samantha Giles) finds herself in.

Either Bernice is an absolute whizz in the sheets, or this guy was so disappointed he just gave up.

Bernice has been single for a while and dealing with the menopause has left her feeling undesirable, but when she feels a little spark with a harpist hired to play at the B&B opening, she jumps at the chance of getting frisky. She doesn’t waste any time in propositioning the man on the eve of the big B&B event, and he only too readily accepts.

Bob (Tony Audenshaw) feels a bit downcast at learning Bernice is making the moves on the musician hired to play at their big do, but if for whatever reason he’s feeling threatened, he may not need to feel that way for long.

The day of the grand opening rolls around and Bernice awakens in her B&B bedroom with her lover Tim the harpist in bed. Momentarily, she feels absolute bliss, that is until she realises she’s horrendously overslept and her basking in the post-coital afterglow is cut unceremoniously short.

She flies into panic mode, whips on her clothes and rushes to the event, having to cover her tardiness and her dishevelled state with an unamused Bob.

The couple anxiously await their first customers in that afternoon, but Bernice is left red-faced at having to cover for Tim, who hasn’t bothered to show up.

The guests start to arrive and soon things are in full swing. Bernice is in her element, welcoming guests and thriving on the thrill of the afternoon. That is until Bob approaches her with some very bad news – they’ve found Tim in bed, and he’s dead. Did Bernice kill him with vigorous sex?!

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