Beverly Hills Cop 4 Is Coming To Netflix

Netflix appears to be doubling down on a resurgent Eddie Murphy.

The actor and comedian recently announced he will be returning to stand-up comedy and has since had his new movie Dolemite Is My Name released by the streaming giants.

According to Variety, they will also be launching Beverly Hills Cop 4, having acquired the rights to create the fourth installment of the Beverly Hills Cop series from Paramount. This move comes amid the failures of highly-anticipated sequels such as Terminator: Dark Fate and Men in Black: International so it remains to be seen how big of a success it will be. Of course, the aforementioned films didn’t have Netflix’s backing.

The first pair of Beverly Hills Cop movies were huge hits but the third part didn’t do as well at the box office when it released in 1994. There’s hope that a fourth could possibly make up, however.

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“Murphy’s new comedy “Dolemite is My Name” is currently showing on the platform, earning the actor some of the best reviews of his career. The film will see him reprise his role as Axel Foley, a street-smart Detroit cop who finds himself transplanted to the tony streets of Beverly Hills. The first two films in the series were huge hits, though 1994’s “Beverly Hills Cop III” was a commercial and critical disappointment. Paramount released all three previous films, but is licensing the rights to Netflix.”

– Variety

It does seem strange that Paramount would license a top IP like Beverly Hills Cop, considering all the money they have already invested in a fourth part but it’s actually in their best interest to hand over to Netflix.

Murphy’s Dolemite Is My Name is pretty popular and his acting is as good as expected but it should be noted that the actor hasn’t had a hit movie in over 10 years. That could certainly change by the time Coming 2 America hits screens next December. But it’s still a bit of a risk given that the current generation likely has no loyalty to Murphy and the Beverly Hills Cop franchise.

Source: Variety

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