Big Brother 2022 LIVE — Marvin dropped from line-up in last-minute cast shake-up ahead of tonight's season 24 premiere | The Sun

BIG Brother season 24 returns tonight amid a last-minute cast shake-up.

Marvin Achi will not be competing, the show's Twitter account said Tuesday night.

They tweeted: "Important casting update! Marvin will no longer be one of our Houseguests on this season of Big Brother. We’re excited to welcome Joseph, a 24-year-old lawyer from Lake Worth, FL. to the #BB24 cast!"

There was no explanation given for the modification. However, there is speculation that Marvin's participation in this season of America's Got Talent may be the cause, per CBS8.

Marvin submitted an audition for Season 17 of AGT and was selected for the Judge Cuts round.

As a result, he may have a contractual obligation to be present for the live broadcasts, which would occur at the same time that he may be in the Big Brother house or even the Jury House.

The 24th season of Big Brother will premiere TONIGHT at 8pm ET/PT on CBS.

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  • Amanda Castro

    Julie Chen Moonves teases season 24

    In a recent interview with ET's Kevin Frazier, Big Brother host Julie Chen Moonves hinted that the upcoming season would be rougher and wilder than ever before.

    "You're gonna see that on premiere night. It's a 90-minute premiere and as soon as people get out of the house, they’re going to play new challenges we've never had before," she shared. "Then we're going to show you a crazy first live eviction show."

    She added that fans will see "an eviction night like we've never had before," and that the "first eviction show is not going to be traditional" and truly nobody is as safe as they seem.

    "Oh and at the end of the premiere episode, I'm going to make them an offer that they cannot refuse.

    "So it's like you go in and it's hitting you from all angles… it's a whole new game!"

  • Amanda Castro

    Meet the houseguests

    Via Twitter, Big Brother announced its Season 24 cast members on July 5, the day before the premiere.

    "Get strapped in for a turbulent summer," the tweet reads.

  • Amanda Castro

    Big Brother history, continued

    Although countries have their own variations, the shared theme is that the houseguests are constantly under surveillance and isolated from the outside world.

    The first season of BB in the US was in 2000, and since 2001, the American version of the show has allowed contestants to vote each other out, instead of having a public vote determine who was evicted.

    Some countries have adopted the American version of eviction voting, although others have stayed with the original format.

    The celebrity version of BB was introduced in the US in 2018, and its third season is currently underway.

  • Amanda Castro

    Big Brother’s international history

    The original Big Brother first aired in the Netherlands. It was created in 1999, and it initially did not allow luxury items.

    The show originally featured a survivalist element, despite contestants being provided with basic amenities.

    BB was quickly adopted internationally, with each country putting its own spin on the show.

  • Amanda Castro

    Where to watch Big Brother 24

    Every Sunday and Wednesday at 8pm ET, Big Brother will show, with the live eviction episodes airing on Thursdays at 9pm ET.

    The program will be broadcast on CBS and streamed on YouTube TV, Hulu with Live TV, and FuboTV.

  • Amanda Castro

    Big Brother viewership declining

    Despite becoming one of the most well-known reality television series, Big Brother's viewership has been dropping recently.

    Despite a significant turning point in the history of the program for season 23, when Wisconsin attorney Xavier Prather became the first Black contestant to win, the season's viewership fell.

    When compared to the first episode in July 2021, Big Brother's season 23 finale had a 13 percent decline in viewers.

    Big Brother was tied for third place with The Masked Singer and Survivor as a result of the decline in viewers.

    However, it was "a tremendous honor" for Prather, the season 23 champion.

  • Amanda Castro

    What is the Power of Veto?

    The winner of this competition has the power to remove a contestant from the eviction block.

    If a houseguest chooses to use the Power of Veto (PoV), the HoH must put up a replacement nominee for eviction.

    The holder of the PoV is protected from eviction.

    Unlike HoH competitions, the HoH is allowed to participate in the PoV competition, as well as the two nominees.

    However, only six total contestants participate in the PoV competition; three houseguests who are not on the block or HoH are selected at random.

  • Amanda Castro

    What is the Head of Household?

    The houseguest who wins this title is rewarded with their own bedroom, and is responsible for nominating two of the other houseguests for eviction.

    The Head of Household (HoH) is safe from eviction that week and is not allowed to participate in the following week’s HoH competition, except for the final HoH competition of the season.

  • Amanda Castro

    Marvin no longer in season 24

    There has been a slight cast shuffle for Big Brother season 24 only a day before the debut, hours after the new houseguests were revealed.

    Marvin Achi will not be competing, the show's Twitter account said Tuesday night.

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