'Big Brother 22': David Alexander Gets Real About the Season's Troubling Race Statistic

This week’s triple eviction on Big Brother officially resulted in all of the people of color in the house being evicted from the game. To date, there has only been one white male contestant that has gone home or to the jury house. This topic was a candid part of an exit interview that David Alexander recently did when he departed the game.

Though season 22 was diverse, Black houseguests did not make huge strides in the game

For Big Brother 22, four contestants were of Black descent, which appears to be the most that have ever been in a single, regular season of the U.S. show.

A lot of people began to point out the season’s issues with race when the sole two Black women in the house, Bayleigh Dayton and Da’Vonne Rogers, were nominated for eviction together. Despite the fact the two were close allies, this was thought to be problematic since they were the only Black women in the house at the time and there were still plenty of people left in the game when this happened.

Their nominations were just the part of a larger, troubling trend for this season. Each week has seen a person of color nominated, while no white men were nominated in the first five weeks. The first five weeks of the competition saw either people of color of women leaving the competition.

Alexander talks about the disturbing fact that all of the people of color are out of the game and almost left in a row

In a post-eviction interview with GoldDerby, Alexander talked about the fact that all of the people of color in the house have been evicted. Alexander noted if his twist didn’t save himself from eviction and Rogers using the veto on Campbell during Terry’s eviction week, it would have been an even more disturbing pattern.

“Very frustrating to leave — the people of color all left in the mid-segment of the game,” he explained. “And if it weren’t for the twists — me using my power — and Da’Vonne having the Veto, it seemed like it would’ve been five people back to back if you include Kaysar [Ridha] in that. It’s unfortunate.”

Still, though it is frustrating, Alexander says that this was just a casualty of being in the Big Brother house. “The way this game goes, you hope that luck or the way cards are dealt or the way choices are made in terms of nominating people — you know, it’s just frustrating,” he explained. “I don’t want to make any accusations on why decisions were made, but nonetheless, it was very frustrating leaving as the last person without getting further.”

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