Big Brother in new bullying row as fans demand housemate is punished for ‘picking on’ former friend | The Sun

BIG Brother fans were up in arms last night amid more claims of bullying in the house.

As the days continue to tick by and life in the house becomes more fraught and monotonous, some of the contestants' methods of entertainment are proving divisive.

The latest moment of contention saw Olivia, Paul and Tom wake housemates by causing a scene in the bedroom in the middle of the night.

While they thought their antics were funny, viewers believe it all amounts to bullying.

They felt particularly sorry for Olivia's former friend after she was covered in lettuce – and now they're demanding producers act.

One viewer wrote on X: "I’m sorry I’m all for a joke but this 3am waking people up at night to be silly is just not sitting right, verging on bullying tbh, you’ve got all day to mess around like that and not at people’s expense."


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Another wrote: "Obsessed with Olivia bullying Kerry all the time."

A third said: "As much as I don’t like Kerry, that’s just bullying disguised as ‘it’s just a joke’."

Olivia angered her fellow housemates when she chucked a shredded lettuce over Kerry while she tried to sleep.

She was joined by Paul and Tom as they stole the salad and ran into the bedroom to upset the NHS worker.

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They later kept everyone up while they tried to sleep by screaming in the bedroom.

The troublesome trio have all faced accusations of bullying with Tom coming under fire for his treatment of latest evictee Hallie and Paul for his behaviour towards Noky.

Last night Matty and Dylan both went to the Diary Room to complain about Olivia – with the former admitting she was really annoying him.

Those watching at home were equally as annoyed, with one person writing: “Now this is where Olivia ruins it for herself. Paul is a bad influence on her I think. Tbf I’d be raging at being woken up by them being prats in the bedroom like that.”

A second said: “Wow how rude and disrespectful. Why would you do that when people are trying to sleep? Paul and Olivia, you’re not kids, grow tf up honestly! Embarrassing behaviour.”

While a third said: “Olivia thinking she's being funny when she is actually being a #bratzdoll. I can't stand her she's a silly little girl. Get her out.”

And a fourth added: “I was liking Olivia but COMPLETELY gone off her. She’s a spoiled princess used to getting her way and is just trying to impress Paul. Get her out!”

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