'Black Ink Crew': Alex Denies Rumors That He's Dating Tatti After Donna Split

Reality TV star Alex Robinson reportedly split from Black Ink Crew co-star Donna Lombardi in January 2022. A few months later, fans believe he started dating co-star Tatti Ritter. However, the tattoo artist denied the rumors on Instagram Live.

Alex Robinson denies rumors he’s dating ‘Black Ink Crew’ co-star Tatti Ritter

Black Ink Crew co-stars Alex “the Vagina Slayer” Robinson, 29, and Tatiana “Tatti” Ritter, 33, posted a video in which they hugged, sparking rumors that the two might have more than a working relationship going on.

However, he denied the reports in an April 2022 Instagram Live.

After seemingly blocking a fan who wondered if the two were dating, Alex told his audience not to ask him about his “personal life” or people he’s connected to as he won’t acknowledge it. The tattoo artist claimed it’s “no one’s business” but confirmed that he’s currently single.

According to Alex, he’s no longer with former Black Ink Crew star and ex-fianceé Taylor “Donna Marie Lombardi” Pinckney, 28, and hasn’t begun dating Tatti. He ended by claiming they’re “all on good terms.”

Donna Lombardi and Alex broke up in January 2022

In 2017, Donna and Alex met when he began tattooing at the shop, and they quickly hit it off, even though she had a boyfriend at the time. The couple infamously hooked up in a club’s bathroom stall before starting a relationship.

They moved with one another and seemed to have a strong bond until she fell out with shop boss Ceaser Emanuel. As Ceaser previously helped Alex, he felt caught in a tough place but backed his girlfriend. During the finale of the first part of season 9, he accused Donna of scratching his face after an argument.

However, he later recanted after the episode aired. When the second part returned, Alex told the crew he accidentally cut himself while shaving. Considering her “toxic,” Ceaser banned Donna from the shop, cutting her out of the Black Ink family.

Around January 2022, fans noticed that Donna and Alex had stopped following each other on Instagram, scrubbed pictures with one another from their accounts, and began doing solo appearances. Therefore, they assumed the longtime pair had called it quits.

‘Black Ink Crew’ season 9 follows Alex on his equanimity journey and Tatti’s legal drama

With Donna banned from the shop, Alex had difficulty connecting with his co-workers as she typically spoke for both of them.

Therefore, he introduced them to his world of equanimity, or mental calmness, and created the Deadass Garden for the crew to decompress when needed. However, Alex upset Ceaser when he replied to a follower who gave his boss credit for his evolution.

Even though they seemingly worked it out, it’s unclear if Ceaser actually let it go. Season 9 also follows Tatti’s legal drama as she was arrested as part of a narcotics trafficking ring.

The manager wanted to partner with Ceaser to open another shop on Long Island, but he pointed out she had to get her case settled first. Tatti recently learned from her lawyer that she could take a plea deal to avoid jail time. Black Ink Crew airs Mondays on VH1.

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