‘Blue Bloods’: The Real Reason Jamie and Eddie Started a Relationship

BlueBloods stars Will Estes and VanessaRay play the newly married police couple Jamie Reagan and Eddie Janko. Youmight think their characters got together purely out of love, but that’s notthe case. Here’s one big reason why Jamie and Eddie started a relationship.

Will Estes and Vanessa Ray were hesitant for Jamie and Eddie to start a relationship

Ray told CBS Watch! she wasn’t sold on the idea ofJamie and Eddie becoming romantically involved. She was concerned thecharacters would have no way to grow after they got serious. “There waspushback because we thought, ‘If you put us together, then where do we go fromthere?’” asked Ray.

Estes added he was concerned their story would have to cometo an end once the characters made things official. He had major reservations.“It was the Moonlighting thing. Once they got together, the story wasover. The anticipation is so much better than the monster—that’s what Hitchcocktaught us. So, we were nervous about what it was going to mean once we weretogether,” said Estes.

The real reason Jamie and Eddie started a relationship

So, why did Jamie and Eddie finally declare their love for each other and start a relationship? Ray and Estes told News Channel 5 that a major influence on the progression of Jamie and Eddie’s relationship was because of the fans. “Is this something that the viewers made happen, as far as this engagement?” asked the News Channel 5 host in a 2018 interview. “Yes, I do think the fans did sort of play a part in the getting together of Jamie an Eddie,” said Ray. “I think that they called it before we noticed it. We were just playing partners and they saw the chemistry and were kind of after a while just like, ‘Enough already, get together, you love each other.’ So, I think the writers kind of had to hold off as long as they could.”

Estes added that the Blue Bloods showrunnerapproached him about the possibility of Jamie and Eddie starting a relationshipbut seemed nervous about it. “Our showrunner came to me; he was kind ofsweating, and he said, ‘The audience wants you guys to get together and we haveto give them what they want.’ So, I’m not sure what sort of pressure he wasunder, but it worked,” said Estes.

How Will Estes felt about Vanessa Ray’s character coming to a Reagan family dinner

Ray’s character, Eddie Janko, took a big step when she attendeda Reagan family dinner for the first time. Her presence at the Reaganfamily dinner was significant because she’s the first new character to join thedinner table since the show began. Estes shared his thoughts with News Channel5 on how he felt about Eddie Janko joining the Reagans for dinner:

When it came to Vanesa coming to the family dinner table, I knew immediately that that would be awesome. You know, it’s really the centerpiece for the show, and I felt what Vanessa and I have built character wise and our relationship on the show, we just come right into the family dinner and it would be nothing but more and better. So, I was really excited about that, personally.

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