Blue Lightss Sian Brooke pays tribute to amazing co-star

Blue Lights is the BBC’s newest cop drama and will explore the challenges of the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI). The series will follow three rookie police officers, including Grace Ellis (played by Sian Brooke), who has left a career in social care for a completely different life in the police force

Speaking with and other press ahead of the series launch, Sian opened up about what it was like to take on the role.

She went on to praise the writers and directors for allowing the cast “to fly”.

“The great thing about this show was because a lot of good people came together, written with good intentions,” she explained.

“Writers that wanted to reflect what Belfast is now, and a true reflection of what it is.”

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Turning to director Gilles Bannier, the actress continued: “And we were heralded by the most amazing director, who just from the outset, your approach was just so inclusive and we clicked from the get-go.

“He has this remarkable ability to allow everybody to give them wings and allow them to fly.

“And so I think everybody felt supported and able to do their best and I think it’s always the way when you feel that you’ve got somebody there that’s championing you and inclusive, then you can just fly.”

When chatting about what drew her to the role, Sian admitted: “I loved it from start to finish.

“When I got the scripts, it’s true to say that the way they were written, [the writers had] taken so much care.

“And so as an actor when you get a script like that, where the characters are really fully formed and developed, it’s just it’s easy as you can access that world immediately.

“And your job is just not to mess it up. It was a lot of responsibility to just go ‘Okay, can we achieve this?'”

“I think I was drawn to that for the same reason as Declan,” she added.

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“I found it intriguing as to why somebody in their 40s would be mad enough to change careers like that.

“And she’s single, she’s bringing up a kid on her own and so I suppose I wanted to get into why the mechanics of that work.

“And also, she’s a lot braver than I am…a lot more courageous, a lot more determined, resolute, and all of those things.”

“I thought that was quite inspiring to see on the screen see a woman like that,” she added.

Grace’s fellow rookies are Annie (Katherine Devlin), who struggles with the fact that her chosen path may mean having to leave everything she’s ever known behind.

As well as Tommy (Nathan Braniff), who is desperate to prove himself, despite being disastrously inept at the practical side of frontline response policing.

Blue Lights premieres tonight at 9pm on BBC One, with the full series available on BBC iPlayer.

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